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Readers of Karwansaray magazines are passionate about their hobbies, many of them spending over $250.00 a year on each of their interests. They are also highly educated (most with at least a bachelors degree) and well-read, with a huge majority reporting that they not only enjoy reading, but also buy and collect books as a primary hobby. This makes them the ideal audience for a variety of products, from books and other magazines, to reenactment equipment, collectibles and specialist travel packages. We hope you will consider advertising your products in one of our publications.

Ancient Warfare

Ancient Warfare covers the period in military history between 3000 B.C. and 600 A.D. Issues are thematic, with subjects being chosen yearly by the readership. Each magazine also contains several articles not on the topic of the main theme along with news, reviews and editorial writing. Each issue includes beautiful, original artwork, commissioned especially for Ancient Warfare, a fact that sets the magazine apart and makes it especially attractive to readers.

Ancient Warfare readers are predominantly male (more than 90%). The largest number of them falls into an age range between 35-55. They are also well educated and successful: at least 80% have a bachelor’s degree or higher. Average household income is above $20,000.00 a year, with more than 40% making over $50,000.00 a year. We also know that people who read Ancient Warfare are dedicated to the magazine: 82% of those we surveyed spent more than an hour reading each issue. An overwhelming majority (97%) also save all of their back issues to be read in the future. Purchasing old issues of the magazine also remains popular, with 47% of readers saying they have already purchased back issues and with another 32% saying they may do so in the future.

Ancient Warfare has an active Facebook page with more than 12,000 fans, plus a strong connection to the popular ancient military history and reenactment forum, Roman Army Talk. Ancient Warfare also hosts a popular and long-running podcast series with The History Network – in total, all episodes have been downloaded over two million times. Ancient Warfare is available in popular bookstore across the United States, Canada and the UK including Barnes & Noble, WH Smiths, U.S. military shops and Chapters. The magazine is also available through a host of specialist online and brick and mortar stores worldwide, including Caliver Books and On Military Matters.

If you are interested in advertising in Ancient Warfare, please contact Jan van der Crabben with Chronicle Agency.

Medieval Warfare

Medieval Warfare picks up where Ancient Warfare leaves off, covering the next thousand years of military history from 500 A.D. until roughly 1500 A.D. Like its predecessor, Medieval Warfare features original artwork, diagrams and maps, created by favorite illustrators from Ancient Warfare with new contributors joining in as well.

Medieval Warfare has a similar readership to Ancient Warfare (see above): The average reader is most likely male and between the ages of 35 and 55. He is also well educated and has a good income. He spends generously on his hobbies (over $500.00 a year on each one). Common hobbies include reading, traveling and collecting.

Besides a very active Facebook page with over 12,000 fans, Medieval Warfare produces a semi-regular podcast via The History Network. Additionally, the current editor of the magazine is one of the owners of, one of the largest sources for medieval news and content on the internet – we can discuss additional promotional options for your product via this website. Medieval Warfare is available from several major North American bookstores, including Barnes & Noble and Chapters. In the UK, Medieval Warfare is stocked by WH Smiths. Independent retailers such as On Military Matters and Caliver Books also carry Medieval Warfare.

If you are interested in advertising in Medieval Warfare, please contact Jan van der Crabben with Chronicle Agency.

Ancient History

Ancient History looks at every aspect of the ancient world, from politics, society, and literature, to language, religion, and art. Like its big brother Ancient Warfare, Ancient History magazine is a bi-monthly, 60-page magazine that relies on a thematic approach: each issue is centered around one specific subject. From ancient explorers to Athens in the age of Plato, there's sure to be something for everyone - all presented in a well-researched but accessible, fun manner.

Since Ancient History was launched in late 2015, the magazine is still very much in the process of growing and establishing itself. Though no formal survey of reader demographics has been conducted, initial indications show the magazine resembles Ancient Warfare in many ways (see above): Well educated and with a good income, readers spend generously on their hobbies (which commonly include reading, traveling and collecting). One very important difference between Ancient History and Ancient Warfare is in the larger (and growing) interest from female readers. This is borne out by the makeup of fans on the magazines' two Facebook pages. Over 25% of Ancient History fans identify as women, while for Ancient Warfare, this number is only 10%. Despite being an English-language publication, Ancient History also has a larger than average Dutch readership, due to very positive early reviews in a major national newspaper, the NRC Handelsblad.

Ancient History has a growing Facebook page with over 3,200 fans. The current editor of the magazine is also one of the owners of, a large news aggregate and social media hub for all things related to the ancient world. We can discuss additional promotional options for your product via this website. Ancient History is available from several major North American bookstores, including Barnes & Noble and Chapters. In the UK, it is stocked by WH Smiths. Independent retailers such as On Military Matters also stock Ancient History.

If you are interested in advertising in Ancient History, please contact Jan van der Crabben with Chronicle Agency.

Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy

Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy, or simply WS&S as it is often called, is an old and well-liked magazine on the subject of wargaming. Published separately in English and Spanish, the English edition was bought from the original publisher by Karwansaray in 2011. Our relaunched version of WS&S has received warm praise and many positive reviews from all quarters. Each new issue takes a thematic approach and pays special attention to making the subject of historical wargaming more accessible and inviting to the beginning player, while still providing variety and advanced material for veterans.

Readers of Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy overlap to some extent with that of our other publications, given the natural connection between historical wargaming and a general interest in history: we know for example that 35% of Ancient Warfare readers surveyed were miniature wargamers, with another 27% interested in board games and 20% in larger-scale figure painting and modeling. Demographically speaking, historical wargamers tend to fit the same profile as our other readers. They are frequently male and above thirty years of age, with their household income and spending on their hobbies matching to a large extent with the readership of Ancient Warfare . The greatest percentage of our readership comes from the UK, due to the strong community and good visibility of the magazine in stores.

Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy is well-known and well-liked on a variety of wargaming fan communities and forums across the internet. It has also appeared on numerous blogs and podcasts, including The D6 Generation and WWPD (What Would Patton Do?). The WS&S  Facebook page also has over 13,000 fans who follow our regular updates on wargaming projects and shows. A YouTube channel with over 10,00 subscribers and a 30-minute podcast via The History Network also provide additional advertising opportunities. Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy is sold in the UK via WH Smiths where it enjoys an extremely high sell-through rate. In the US/Canada, it can be found in an assortment of Barnes & Noble and Chapters locations, along with various independent comic book and gaming stores.

If you are interested in advertising in Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy, please contact the editor, Guy Bowers.

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