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Readers of Karwansaray magazines are passionate about their hobbies, many of them spending over $250.00 a year on each of their interests. They are also highly educated (most with at least a bachelors degree) and well-read, with a huge majority reporting that they not only enjoy reading, but also buy and collect books as a primary hobby. This makes them the ideal audience for a variety of products, from books and other magazines, to reenactment equipment, collectibles and specialist travel packages. We hope you will consider advertising your products in one of our publications.

Ancient Warfare, Medieval Warfare and Ancient History Magazine

Advertising in all three of our historical magazines is handled through an external advertising agency, Cabbell (located in the UK). If you have questions or would like to plan  Ancient Warfare, Medieval Warfare or Ancient History advertisments either in the magazines or online, please contact  James Bowler for more information.

Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy

Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy, or simply WS&S as it is often called, is an old and well-liked magazine on the subject of wargaming. Published separately in English and Spanish, the English edition was bought from the original publisher by Karwansaray in 2011. Our relaunched version of WS&S has received warm praise and many positive reviews from all quarters. Each new issue takes a thematic approach and pays special attention to making the subject of historical wargaming more accessible and inviting to the beginning player, while still providing variety and advanced material for veterans.

Readers of Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy overlap to some extent with that of our other publications, given the natural connection between historical wargaming and a general interest in history: we know for example that 35% of Ancient Warfare readers surveyed were miniature wargamers, with another 27% interested in board games and 20% in larger-scale figure painting and modeling. Demographically speaking, historical wargamers tend to fit the same profile as our other readers. They are frequently male and above thirty years of age, with their household income and spending on their hobbies matching to a large extent with the readership of Ancient Warfare . The greatest percentage of our readership comes from the UK, due to the strong community and good visibility of the magazine in stores.

Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy is well-known and well-liked on a variety of wargaming fan communities and forums across the internet. It has also appeared on numerous blogs and podcasts, including The D6 Generation and WWPD (What Would Patton Do?). The WS&S  Facebook page also has over 9,400 fans who follow our regular updates on wargaming projects and shows. A very active YouTube channel with over 7,800 subscribers  also provides additional advertising opportunities. Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy is sold in the UK via WH Smiths where it enjoys an extremely high sell-through rate. In the US/Canada, it can be found in an assortment of Barnes & Noble and Chapters locations, along with various independent comic book and gaming stores.

If you are interested in advertising in Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy, please contact the editor, Guy Bowers.

Ad Size 1x* 2x* 3x*
Full page €380,- €345,- €325,-
1/2 page €215,- €190,- €170,-
1/4 page €140,- €125,- €105,-
Inside cover €395,- €375,- €355,-
Outside back cover €545,- €525,- €495,-
Two-page spread €595,- €575,- €545,-
* Prices per placement. VAT applies within the EU.
* Preferred placement + 10%, covers + 15%

Technical specifications

Technical specifications for all our magazines and our website (including the exact dimensions for various ad sizes and placements) are available as a PDF which you can download here. If you have further technical questions, please contact Christy Beall.