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Like our other periodicals, Ancient History is not written by in-house editors. We commission articles from expert authors all over the world. Anyone can submit a proposal for an article, either related to a particular theme (see below) or not. If you wish to submit a proposal (title/subtitle, abstract, and a brief biography of yourself), please contact the editor.



Ancient History issue 14

Release: January 2018
Theme: The Book of the Dead: Life and Afterlife in Ancient Egypt

Irmtraut Munro, Kathlyn Cooney and Ron Fritze are featured in our upcoming issue that explores how death loomed large in the thoughts of ancient Egyptians.

Ancient History issue 15

Release: March 2018
Theme: Sex and Sexuality in the Ancient World

Inspired by Aphrodite, this issue looks at all things associated with love and lust among the civilizations of antiquity.

Ancient History issue 16

Release: May 2018
Theme: Londinium: The Romans in Britain

Founded in the year 43 AD, Londinium would become the centre of the Roman colonization of Britain. Our issue takes a look at the remains of the ancient world in London, and how life was like here in this corner of the Roman Empire.


Ancient History issue 17

Release: July 2018
Theme: Cleopatra and Ptolemaic Egypt

"I will not be triumphed over." ~ the words of Cleopatra, the last active ruler of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt. This issue explores her life and legend, and examines the land she lived in and ruled over.


Ancient History issue 18

Release: September 2018
Theme: Crime and Punishment in the ancient world

All societies have laws, and they also have people willing to break those laws. What did it mean to be a thief in ancient Athens, or a smuggler on the Mediterranean? This issue looks at the criminals of antiquity and the efforts made to stop them.


Ancient History issue 19

Release: November 2018
Theme: The Greek gods


Ancient History 20

Release: January 2019
Theme: Ancient Persia

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