Ancient History Bibliographies

  • References for issue 7

    Radu Alexander, A city without rival I.E.S. Edwards – The Cambridge Ancient History Clifford Mark McCormick - Palace and Temple: A Study of Architectural and... Read more
  • References for issue 6

    Issue 6: Rome of the Twelve Tables General Compared to later periods, there are not many books about early Rome. A good introduction, although a... Read more
  • References for issue 5

    Issue 5: Greek Athletic Contests Murray Dahm: Competing for the gods Mark Golden, Greek sport and social status (2008) Stephen G. Miller, Ancient Greek athletics... Read more
  • References for issue 4

    Issue 4: Egypt before the pyramids Sidney Dean, “The Emergence of Egypt” For a well written, approachable comprehensive survey of Egypt from pre-history to the... Read more
  • References for issue 3

    Issue 3: Pergamon Chris Bond, “Growing an ancient sedge - The papyrus” Check out these other sources too for more information on this fascinating plant... Read more
  • References for issue 2

    Issue 2: The Reign of Caracalla Sidney Dean, “Peace in his time. Caracalla in Britain” Caracalla (Altes Museum, Berlin) Cassius Dio, Roman History, Books 74-78... Read more
  • References for issue 1

    Jona Lendering, Exploring the world A nice introduction to the world outside the Mediterranean is N.H. Sitwell, The World the Romans Knew (1984), which offers... Read more

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