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  • QUIZ: Chariots in the Ancient World!

    Our latest issue is out! We cover the phenomenon that was chariot racing. Try your hand at our quiz and see how much you know... Read more
  • Books: Ancient History Valentine's Edition

    Most of us are still stuck indoors due to the pandemic, so our Valentine's Day options will be very limited this year. Books, however, never... Read more
  • 3 Ancient History Books to Chase Away the January Lockdown Blues

    The dreaded January Blues are here - grey skies, cold weather, and our bank accounts depleted thanks to the holidays. To add to the usual... Read more
  • New Year, New Me: The Daily Stoic

    New year, new me. At least, that is what I'm aiming for in 2021. In my constant quest for self-improvement, I decided to try and... Read more
  • Book Review: The Dignity of Roman Labour

    The Dignity of Roman Labour: Image, Work and Identity in the Roman World By Iain Ferris ISBN-13: 978-1445684215 Publisher: Amberley Publishing (2021) Price: £20 Reviewed... Read more
  • QUIZ! Travel and Tourism in the Ancient World

    You might not be jet-setting off anywhere at the moment, but you can take a virtual break by testing your knowledge in our latest fun... Read more
  • Ancient History Holiday Reads 2020

    2020 has been tough. And as we look towards 2021 for some new hope and better times ahead, we could all use something nice from... Read more
  • Book Review: Chariot Racing in the Roman Empire

    Chariot Racing in the Roman Empire By Fik Meijer ISBN-13:978-0801896972 Publisher: Johns Hopkins University Press (2010) Price: £19.79 Reviewed by Sandra Alvarez In preparation for... Read more
  • Day Trips: Verulamium – St. Albans' Roman Past

    This past weekend I took a little day trip north of London to St. Alban's in Hertfordshire. It's just a little over an hour's drive... Read more
  • Art on Trial

    The feature article I wrote for Ancient History issue 30 is entitled ‘Avenging Germanicus: Ancient Rome’s Greatest Show Trial’. I was pleasantly surprised to learn... Read more

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