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  • Casa Romana

    Yesterday, I attended the opening of a new exhibition at the National Museum of Antiquities here in Leiden. Casa Romana focuses on everyday life inside... Read more
  • Contest results

    Two months ago, I launched a contest inspired by the classic Star Trek: The Next Generation episode ‘Darmok’. You were invited to send me a... Read more
  • History as inspiration: O Brother, Where Art Thou

    In this last part in the brief series ‘History as inspiration’ (part one, part two), I want to discuss the Coen Brothers’ 2000-film O Brother... Read more
  • History as inspiration: Tyranny

    Yesterday, we had a look at how the ancient world – most notably Gibbon’s Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire – influenced Isaac Asimov’s... Read more
  • History as inspiration: Foundation trilogy

    Issue 10, which is currently at the printer’s (and available for pre-order), features an article by Marc DeSantis about the connections between J.R.R. Tolkien and... Read more
  • Royalty in the ancient world

    The latest issue of Ancient History has been sent off to the printer’s. Issue 10 deals with the theme ‘royalty in the ancient world’. This... Read more
  • Bricks of the Pantheon

    Last week, I wrote a blog post about the Pantheon. As I was writing it, I remembered something from a lecture I attended a few... Read more
  • The Pantheon in Rome

    Today I finished up issue 10 of Ancient History. It’s ready to go to print. I’ll write more about the contents of the issue itself... Read more
  • The death penalty in Classical Athens

    The latest issue of Ancient History has an article by Murray Dahm on the death of Socrates. We don’t really go into much detail in... Read more
  • A kalos cup from Rhodes

    A few years ago, we went to the beautiful island of Rhodes and visited, among other things, its archaeological museum. One of the pots on... Read more

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