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Ancient History Blog

  • Fact check: Romans in Japan?

    Okinawa is a Japanese island located in an archipelago located about halfway between the main islands of Japan and Taiwan. Recently, a few Roman coins... Read more
  • The Olympic Games

    The stadium at Delphi. The ancient history news cycle is predictable. Every year around Christmas, there’s another article on the Star of Bethlehem. Every year... Read more
  • Persians near the Crimea

    The Greek researcher Herodotus claims that Persian King Darius I in 513 BC tried to subjugate the Scythians, the supposedly nomadic people who lived in what... Read more
  • Odysseus and Helios

    The oil lamp pictured below is part of the collection of the Antikensammlung in Munich. A date is not indicated, but it’s probably Roman. Odysseus... Read more
  • Tomb of a Phoenician king

    The sarcophagus depicted below was discovered in 1923 in one of the Phoenician royal tombs in the Libanese harbour town of Byblos. It is on... Read more
  • A eunuch who founded a small empire and more

    This review of Ancient History Magazine issue 3 was originally published in NRC Handelsblad of 28 May 2016, written by Hendrik Spiering (source: NRC Media... Read more
  • Egypt before the pyramids

    In Egyptian hieroglyphs you will sometimes find signs grouped together in a kind of loop, a cartouche. Those cartouches are well known as they played... Read more
  • An ancient statue

    The fish pond at Sanli Urfa in the southeast of Turkey draws many pilgrims and tourists. Because of this, an underground parking garage was constructed... Read more
  • Ancient ink, modern exaggeration

    Inkwell from Qumran (Schøyen Collection) In the year AD 79, Mount Vesuvius erupted, destroying Pompeii and several other towns. One of those other settlements was Herculaneum... Read more
  • Marcus Aurelius

    Marcus Aurelius (Avenches) Today it’s 1836 years ago that Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius (r.161-180) died and was succeeded by his son Commodus. It cannot have... Read more

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