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Ancient History Blog

  • The shape of things to come

    At present, we’re hard at work on finishing Ancient History magazine issue 8, which is being edited by Peter Konieczny of Medieval Warfare (with me... Read more
  • A new challenge

    Back in 2012, I had a meeting in Utrecht with Karwansaray Publishers to talk about publishing my PhD thesis in the form of a book... Read more
  • Star Trek and the Classical world

    I love Star Trek; the original series, in particular. I’ve watched every single episode I don’t know how many times over the past 30+ years... Read more
  • Hypatia's afterlife

    Hypatia is one of those historical figures about whom we know very little. If it weren’t for her pupil Synesios of Cyrene, and if she... Read more
  • Changes

    We’ve just received a pallet loaded with copies of the seventh edition of Ancient History Magazine at the office of Karwansaray Publishers. It will be... Read more
  • Colours in Antiquity

    The ancient world is a thing of the past and that has its advantages. A classicist who once taught me said that Latin was such... Read more
  • Nimrud liberated

    Northwest gate of Nimrud in 2008 (photo Diane Siebrandt) There is not much evidence yet – just two independent messages on Twitter – but it... Read more
  • Fact check: Romans in Japan?

    Okinawa is a Japanese island located in an archipelago located about halfway between the main islands of Japan and Taiwan. Recently, a few Roman coins... Read more
  • The Olympic Games

    The stadium at Delphi. The ancient history news cycle is predictable. Every year around Christmas, there’s another article on the Star of Bethlehem. Every year... Read more
  • Persians near the Crimea

    The Greek researcher Herodotus claims that Persian King Darius I in 513 BC tried to subjugate the Scythians, the supposedly nomadic people who lived in what... Read more

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