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  • Books, books, books

    Nearly every week the postman brings some books to the Karwansaray offices. Usually, they are sent to us by other publishers, in the hope that we’ll... Read more
  • A statue of M. Nonius Balbus

    This isn’t the first time I’m posting about a find from the beautiful National Archaeological Museum in Naples, and it certainly won’t be the last... Read more
  • A Sumerian contract

    In Mesopotamia, Shuruppak was thought to have been one of the oldest cities of the world, founded before the Flood. The archaeological finds there do... Read more
  • The stupid, it burns!

    While innocently browsing the internet, I ran across this news article on the Discovery Channel website that reported how archaeologists in Italy have found an... Read more
  • Reconstructing the past

    Yesterday, I went to the VU University in Amsterdam to attend a lecture by Alexandros Mazarakis Ainian, Professor of Classical Archaeology at the University of... Read more
  • A wall in Avaris and other news

    Excavators at Tel al-Daba‘a have discovered a wall. The wall is 500m long and made from sandstone. It dates to the Middle Kingdom (before 1650... Read more
  • A Syrian lamassu

    Lamassus – you don’t see those anymore. Considering the large numbers of representations of these creatures in Assyrian and Persian palaces they must once have... Read more
  • Ancient Greeks in Ukraine and other news

    Using aerial photography and geophysical surveys, archaeologists from Poland have confirmed the location of a Greek settlement in Ukraine that was probably founded in the... Read more
  • Extra content for AHM issue 1

    Things have been a bit quiet here as I recover from writing a slew of posts as part of the ‘Autumn of Perseus’ (which will... Read more
  • A theatre on Cyprus and other news

    A theatre dating back to 300 BC, and of which only a small part had earlier been unearthed, has been the subject of further excavations... Read more

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