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  • Ancient Greeks in Ukraine and other news

    Using aerial photography and geophysical surveys, archaeologists from Poland have confirmed the location of a Greek settlement in Ukraine that was probably founded in the... Read more
  • Extra content for AHM issue 1

    Things have been a bit quiet here as I recover from writing a slew of posts as part of the ‘Autumn of Perseus’ (which will... Read more
  • A theatre on Cyprus and other news

    A theatre dating back to 300 BC, and of which only a small part had earlier been unearthed, has been the subject of further excavations... Read more
  • Shipwrecks in Greece and other news

    In a survey carried out last month, 22 shipwrecks have been found in the sea near a small archipelago in Greece (13 islands and islets... Read more
  • The past and the personal

    When I first started using Twitter, I was re-reading some of the works of archaeologist Michael Shanks, a leading figure in the postprocessual movement in... Read more
  • Official launch of AHM

    Last Friday we officially launched Ancient History Magazine, your new favourite history magazine (be sure to subscribe!). The launch party was held at the Allard... Read more
  • A tomb from Pylos and other news

    An interesting find from Greece, actually made this summer, is in the news now. The unlooted (!) shaft grave of a warrior of the Bronze... Read more
  • The Farnese Bull

    One of the finest collections of ancient objects in the world can undoubtedly be found in the Archaeological Museum in Naples. I earlier wrote about... Read more
  • An amphitheatre in Anatolia and other news

    An interesting find has apparently come to light in southern Turkey, at the ancient site of Anavarza, near the Dilekkaya village in the Adana province... Read more
  • A Roman tavern in Herculaneum

    For the Autumn of Perseus, which is going on over on the Ancient Warfare blog (just in case you missed it!), I was searching through... Read more

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