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  • A tomb from Pylos and other news

    An interesting find from Greece, actually made this summer, is in the news now. The unlooted (!) shaft grave of a warrior of the Bronze... Read more
  • The Farnese Bull

    One of the finest collections of ancient objects in the world can undoubtedly be found in the Archaeological Museum in Naples. I earlier wrote about... Read more
  • An amphitheatre in Anatolia and other news

    An interesting find has apparently come to light in southern Turkey, at the ancient site of Anavarza, near the Dilekkaya village in the Adana province... Read more
  • A Roman tavern in Herculaneum

    For the Autumn of Perseus, which is going on over on the Ancient Warfare blog (just in case you missed it!), I was searching through... Read more
  • The shrine of Nectanebo and other news

    Two weeks ago, in a district in northern Cairo known as Matariya, parts of a shrine and a temple were unearthed by an Egyptian-German mission... Read more
  • The spirit of adventure!

    The theme of the first issue of Ancient History Magazine deals with explorers and exploration in the ancient world. For this issue, Johnny Shumate created... Read more
  • A Roman village in Germany and other news

    Let’s begin with some older, but interesting news, which you might have missed. Near Gernsheim, Germany, a Roman village has been found. The village is... Read more
  • Rampant optimism

    While recording the most recent Ancient Warfare podcast, we naturally ended up talking quite a bit about the fall of ancient Rome and similar events... Read more
  • The streets of Egypt and other news

    One of the main news items this week was the public display – on 1 October during the first edition of a festival – of... Read more
  • Ancient Greece on film (a response)

    Before going to bed, I usually spend a few minutes just messing around on the internet. I checked my Twitter feed to find that the... Read more

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