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  • Killing a Queen

      This well-preserved portrait, usually on display in Berlin’s Altes Museum, has become quite famous since it was acquired in 1976. It’s a young woman... Read more
  • Killing a King

    The road from Cirrha to Delphi, site of the attack The story is told by Livy: in 172 BC, King Eumenes of Pergamon came to... Read more
  • Archaeology in Israel (2)

    In the first part of this article, I explained how information from ancient sources is not always confirmed by archaeology. In asymmetric situations like these... Read more
  • Archaeology in Israel (1)

    Jerusalem, “Large Stone Structure” The study of the ancient world is so fascinating because all those cultures, nations, tribes, states, and civilizations share one characteristic... Read more
  • Before the Pyramids

    The name of one the first pharaohs: Djer Some time ago, I was in Beirut and visited the archaeological museum of the American University: a... Read more
  • Heroes 10: Giambattista Vico (sort of)

    Vico Somewhere in his autobiography, Casanova mentions a meeting with a Hungarian officer who didn’t speak French. In the eighteenth century, this was most unusual... Read more
  • How were ancient Greek pots made?

    Since 2006, I’ve taught a lot of courses on a variety of subjects at different institutions geared at adult education. I usually try to organize... Read more
  • Heroes 9: the sceptics

    François de La Mothe Le Vayer The study of Antiquity started as a debate about fraud. Italian scholar Nanni had published fake souces and had... Read more
  • The fall of Lucifer

    Heracles, the tree in the garden of the Hesperides, and the dragon Ladon: another echo of the story of Adammu, the tree of life, and... Read more
  • Making progress

    Caracalla (Altes Museum, Berlin) Already before the end of the Kickstarter campaign, we were working on the first issue of Ancient History Magazine. The theme... Read more

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