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Ancient History Blog

  • Ancient Greece on film (a response)

    Before going to bed, I usually spend a few minutes just messing around on the internet. I checked my Twitter feed to find that the... Read more
  • Heavy metal Iliad

    When you think of modern adaptations of Homer’s Iliad, you’re more likely to think of a particular movie (e.g. 2004’s Troy), novel (e.g. Lord of... Read more
  • Mummies and other news

    Editor’s note: as of this week, Egyptologist Arianna Sacco will be summarizing noteworthy recent news related to the ancient world. A new blog post will... Read more
  • The Landmark historians

    Today, I want to briefly discuss a series of books that readers of Ancient Warfare magazine have seen mentioned once or twice in certain articles... Read more
  • Answering the unanswerable

    Back in late 2011, I got a temporary position for six months as Lecturer at Saxion University of Applied Sciences in Deventer (which is located... Read more
  • After the beginning

    (No, this has nothing to do with the ancient world. It’s just nice.) This week, we will finish the first issue of Ancient History Magazine... Read more
  • Homer in the wasteland

    I recently saw Mad Max: Fury Road, directed and co-written by George Miller, the original creator of Mad Max. It’s probably the best action movie... Read more
  • Three days of Paestum (3)

    This is the third and final instalment in my series on the ancient city of Posidonia/Paestum. In the first blog post, I wrote a brief... Read more
  • Three days of Paestum (2)

    Yesterday, I wrote a brief overview of the history of the ancient city of Posidonia/Paestum. Today, I want to focus on the museum and on... Read more
  • Three days of Paestum (1)

    Last month, I spent several weeks in beautiful Southern Italy. During that time, we also managed to revisit Paestum. I first visited Paestum in 2012... Read more

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