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  • A portrait of Socrates?

    Socrates was a Greek philosopher whose work is considered so important that all philosophers who lived before he did are now lumped together as one... Read more
  • Ancient Greek faith in myths

    When you teach a particular course long enough, there are some questions that pop up time and again. As I’ve noted earlier, I’m currently in... Read more
  • Teaching Greek mythology

    Since 2006, I’ve regularly given courses and lectures on a variety of topics related to the ancient world for various institutions specialized in adult education... Read more
  • The purpose of an archaeological museum

    Last year, I visited an exhibition at the National Archaeological Museum here in Leiden. The exhibition was on the Merovingians. One of the display cases... Read more
  • Themes and content

    If you know AHM’s sister (or is that brother?) magazines Ancient Warfare and Medieval Warfare, you’ll be familiar with our themed setup. A large part... Read more
  • Creating a cover

    Starting a magazine is quite an adventure, especially if you’re like me and your only experience is a series of students’ magazines. I find it... Read more
  • Ancient History Magazine: the survey

    If you’re not Apple, Inc, it’s a pretty basic rule that when you plan to launch a new product – or in our case, a... Read more
  • The joy of history (2)

    We were the first, after a millennium or two, to visit the site and know what had happened there. Early in the morning, we had... Read more
  • The world of Homer

    The ancient Greeks believed that a poet named Homer composed the epic poems that we refer to as the Iliad and the Odyssey. Homer’s floruit is nowadays usually dated around 700... Read more
  • The joy of history (1)

    I don’t remember the date, but it was at least an hour past midnight… no, this story needs a different beginning. For some time, my... Read more

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