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  • How were ancient Greek pots made?

    Since 2006, I’ve taught a lot of courses on a variety of subjects at different institutions geared at adult education. I usually try to organize... Read more
  • Heroes 9: the sceptics

    François de La Mothe Le Vayer The study of Antiquity started as a debate about fraud. Italian scholar Nanni had published fake souces and had... Read more
  • The fall of Lucifer

    Heracles, the tree in the garden of the Hesperides, and the dragon Ladon: another echo of the story of Adammu, the tree of life, and... Read more
  • Making progress

    Caracalla (Altes Museum, Berlin) Already before the end of the Kickstarter campaign, we were working on the first issue of Ancient History Magazine. The theme... Read more
  • Thucydides' history of Early Greece

    Thucydides is often heralded as one of the great historians of Antiquity, often to the detriment of the more interesting Herodotus and the eminently more... Read more
  • A magazine with its own character

    A preview of one of the pages in the new magazine. There’s only one ancient world, although there’s quite a lot of it: more than... Read more
  • Heroes 8: the sources behind the sources

    Astruc As I explained in an earlier installment of this series, Nanni of Viterbo (1437-1502) had published a collection of bogus sources on ancient history... Read more
  • A fresh take on ancient Greece?

    Ancient History Magazine, like our other magazines, will have a section devoted to (book) reviews. Since AHM is brand new, we haven’t received a lot... Read more
  • Heroes 7: the chronological debate

    Two weeks ago, I blogged about Nanni of Viterbo (1437-1502), the man who claimed to have rediscovered several ancient texts that confirmed what the bible... Read more
  • Ancient aristocracy

    The term ‘aristocracy’ derives from the Greek and means literally kratos (‘rule’) of the aristoi (‘the best’). However, our ideas of what constitutes an aristocracy... Read more

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