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  • Cyrenaica, part 7: Renewal

    When Synesius died in 413 AD, he feared that Cyrenaica would be conquered and completely destroyed by Laguatan nomads. “They have taken the land as if... Read more
  • The Kickstarter that could!

    And it’s over. Exactly 30 days ago I clicked the ‘Launch Kickstarter’ button. It felt like a momentous thing to do, and it was certainly... Read more
  • Cyrenaica, part 6: Synesius of Cyrene

    He is one of the most interesting authors from Antiquity: a philosopher, an aristocrat, a traveler, a sophist, a soldier, a bishop, and a descendant... Read more
  • Cyrenaica, part 5: Simon of Cyrene

    Cyrene was the hometown of many famous Greeks. Eugammon was the author of an important but lost poem about the events after the homecoming of... Read more
  • Cyrenaica, part 4: Cyrene

    Cyrene was one of the great cities of the classical Greek world, comparable to Athens, Miletus, Syracuse, and Corinth. It was founded by people from... Read more
  • Cyrenaica, part 3: Slonta

    The day before yesterday, Edwin wrote about the Psylloi, and mentioned, at the end of his article, that several ancient authors attribute to the Libyan... Read more
  • Cyrenaica, part 2: a Laconian cup

    Sometimes, we are very fortunate as far as our sources for the ancient world are concerned, such as when you can link archaeological evidence to... Read more
  • Cyrenaica, part 1: Herodotus' Psylloi

    Herodotus is often referred to as “the father of history”, but to simply refer to his grand work as a historical work would not do... Read more
  • Mosul and Hatra

    Yes, they are shocking, those images of the destruction of the museum of Mosul and the vandalism in Hatra. Still, I would suggest that you... Read more
  • Time, part 7: a world without time

    If God is perfect, he cannot change. After all, if he would, he would be imperfect either before or after that change. Now if God... Read more

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