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Ancient History Blog

  • Ancient History Holiday Reads 2020

    2020 has been tough. And as we look towards 2021 for some new hope and better times ahead, we could all use something nice from... Read more
  • Book Review: Chariot Racing in the Roman Empire

    Chariot Racing in the Roman Empire By Fik Meijer ISBN-13:978-0801896972 Publisher: Johns Hopkins University Press (2010) Price: £19.79 Reviewed by Sandra Alvarez In preparation for... Read more
  • Day Trips: Verulamium – St. Albans' Roman Past

    This past weekend I took a little day trip north of London to St. Alban's in Hertfordshire. It's just a little over an hour's drive... Read more
  • Art on Trial

    The feature article I wrote for Ancient History issue 30 is entitled ‘Avenging Germanicus: Ancient Rome’s Greatest Show Trial’. I was pleasantly surprised to learn... Read more
  • QUIZ! Women in the Ancient World

    Test your knowledge, gain a little wisdom, and learn about the important role women played in the Ancient World. See just how much you really... Read more
  • Museums in a COVID world: A visit to the Staatliches Museum Ägyptischer Kunst

    Mummy portrait of a woman with a broad collar. Roman Egypt, 2nd century AD. ©Sandra Alvarez I just came back to London after travelling through... Read more
  • Looking for the history of Three Kingdoms China

    If you are familiar with the era of ancient Chinese history known as the Three Kingdoms, then you are likely to know this through Romance... Read more
  • QUIZ: Fashion in the Ancient World!

    Togas, saris, and sandals! We've got it all here in our latest quiz on Fashion in the Ancient World. When did Egyptomania take over the... Read more
  • Ancient beauty: More than just skin deep…

    We just wrapped up the latest issue of Ancient History Magazine on fashion in the ancient world. Even if you’re not a “fashionista” (and I... Read more
  • Ancient History Reading List: Hot New Releases!

    Some good news for the second half of 2020 is that there are hot new ancient history book releases coming our way! I'm already mentally... Read more

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