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  • “Hippocrates” Takes on the Quacks

    By Danièle Cybulskie In the 5th century BCE, a group of Ancient Greek doctors wrote a series of treatises on medicine that are collectively known... Read more
  • The Roman Theatre of Orange

    By Sandra Alvarez View of the stage and the wall. King Louis XIV reportedly called it, "The finest wall in all my kingdom." The statue... Read more
  • Hippolyta: Wonder Woman of Myth

    By Danièle Cybulskie With the new film version of Wonder Woman, popular interest in Hippolyta, queen of the Amazons, has once again been piqued. In... Read more
  • Nîmes Arena - Roman France

    Exterior of Nîmes Arena. (Photo: French Rome The South of France boasts some of the most impressive Roman sites outside of the traditional ‘Roman... Read more
  • Did the Romans Wear Gladiator Sandals?

    By Danièle Cybulskie This summer, the ancient world is taking fashion by storm once again in the form of Roman sandals, with all of the... Read more
  • The Pont du Gard - Roman France

    By Sandra Alvarez The Pont Du Gard, reflecting it’s beauty into the waters of the Garden River: Photo: You don’t have to travel to... Read more
  • U is for Universe

    By Danièle Cybulskie Have you ever stared at something in nature and thought it looked like a letter of the alphabet? You’re not alone. People... Read more
  • A votive relief from Rhodes

    Summer is almost here and that means that many of us are planning our holidays. A few years ago, I had a magical time on... Read more
  • Some recent Roman finds

    This will be a short blog post today, as I have been and remain absolutely swamped in work. Aside from working on issue 11 of... Read more
  • Casa Romana

    Yesterday, I attended the opening of a new exhibition at the National Museum of Antiquities here in Leiden. Casa Romana focuses on everyday life inside... Read more

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