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  • How Well Do You Know The Egyptian Book of the Dead?

    Our last issue was about the Book of the Dead and ancient Egyptian funerary rites. This ancient guidebook to the Afterlife has inspired writers, musicians... Read more
  • Travel Tips: London Mithraeum

    Head of Mithras - London Mithraeum. Photo by Sandra Alvarez. Planning to visit London? Have an hour to spare? Looking for something affordable, yet historic... Read more
  • A Brief History of Roman Wine

    Roman and Greek Wine and Oil Amphoras, British Museum. (Photo by Sandra Alvarez). In the autumn, I attended a Roman wine tasting event hosted by... Read more
  • Oracle Tablets: Advice Columns to the Ancients

    Advice Past and Present Today, we have YouTube stars, and online advice columns. In our parent’s day, there was Dear Abby and Ann Landers; in... Read more
  • "Emperor Spotting" with Mary Beard

    Mary Beard giving her talk on How to Spot a Roman Emperor at the Museum of London. Gresham College has been hosting a series of... Read more
  • Gallery Talk: The Mausoleum at Halikarnassos

    The most photographed 3 slabs from the frieze around the Mausoleum at Halikarnassos. Done in an older style. British Museum, Room 21. (Photo: Sandra Alvarez... Read more
  • New Exhibit at British Museum Sheds Light on Lost Ancient Culture of the Scythians

    Scythian rider - A gold plaque depicting a Scythian rider with a spear in his right hand; Gold; Second half of the fourth century BC... Read more
  • Timeless Torcs: Beauty Across the Ages

    By Sandra Alvarez After two millennia, torcs have endured as timeless fashion statement. How were these simple, yet elegant, pieces worn, and what was their... Read more
  • Like a Hole in the Head: Skull Surgery in Ancient Greece

    By Danièle Cybulskie The Hippocratic writers are probably best known for their famous Oath, but they were also responsible for a lot of firsts in... Read more
  • The Gladiator Games

    By Sandra Alvarez A Gladiator celebrating his strike against his opponent. London, Guildhall. (Photo: Every summer, the Gladiator Games are held at the Guildhall... Read more

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