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  • Changes

    We’ve just received a pallet loaded with copies of the seventh edition of Ancient History Magazine at the office of Karwansaray Publishers. It will be... Read more
  • Colours in Antiquity

    The ancient world is a thing of the past and that has its advantages. A classicist who once taught me said that Latin was such... Read more
  • Nimrud liberated

    Northwest gate of Nimrud in 2008 (photo Diane Siebrandt) There is not much evidence yet – just two independent messages on Twitter – but it... Read more
  • Fact check: Romans in Japan?

    Okinawa is a Japanese island located in an archipelago located about halfway between the main islands of Japan and Taiwan. Recently, a few Roman coins... Read more
  • The Olympic Games

    The stadium at Delphi. The ancient history news cycle is predictable. Every year around Christmas, there’s another article on the Star of Bethlehem. Every year... Read more
  • Persians near the Crimea

    The Greek researcher Herodotus claims that Persian King Darius I in 513 BC tried to subjugate the Scythians, the supposedly nomadic people who lived in what... Read more
  • Odysseus and Helios

    The oil lamp pictured below is part of the collection of the Antikensammlung in Munich. A date is not indicated, but it’s probably Roman. Odysseus... Read more
  • Tomb of a Phoenician king

    The sarcophagus depicted below was discovered in 1923 in one of the Phoenician royal tombs in the Libanese harbour town of Byblos. It is on... Read more
  • A eunuch who founded a small empire and more

    This review of Ancient History Magazine issue 3 was originally published in NRC Handelsblad of 28 May 2016, written by Hendrik Spiering (source: NRC Media... Read more
  • Egypt before the pyramids

    In Egyptian hieroglyphs you will sometimes find signs grouped together in a kind of loop, a cartouche. Those cartouches are well known as they played... Read more

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