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  • An ancient statue

    The fish pond at Sanli Urfa in the southeast of Turkey draws many pilgrims and tourists. Because of this, an underground parking garage was constructed... Read more
  • Ancient ink, modern exaggeration

    Inkwell from Qumran (Schøyen Collection) In the year AD 79, Mount Vesuvius erupted, destroying Pompeii and several other towns. One of those other settlements was Herculaneum... Read more
  • Marcus Aurelius

    Marcus Aurelius (Avenches) Today it’s 1836 years ago that Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius (r.161-180) died and was succeeded by his son Commodus. It cannot have... Read more
  • Peter Connolly

    Peter Connolly taught me English. It must have been 1978 when I found his book The Roman Army in the public library in Apeldoorn, the... Read more
  • How do they know?

    That’s a C14 calibration curve of course. Ancient History Magazine wants to bring together what belongs together: scholars and general audience, all parts of the... Read more
  • Looting

    The two guards You have seen the images showing the ways that the so-called ‘Islamic State’ in Iraq and Syria destroys museum objects that it... Read more
  • Rome of the Twelve Tables

    Sculpture from the late archaic temple of Mater Matuta (Capitoline Museums) The third issue of Ancient History Magazine, about ancient Pergamon, is now ready as... Read more
  • Bunk about beards

    A (very short) excerpt from a book has been doing the rounds on Facebook and was also posted to the Agade mailing list about why... Read more
  • The Athenian tyrant-killers

    The National Archaeological Museum in Naples has a statue of the so-called Tyrannicides. It is, as is so often the case, a Roman copy of... Read more
  • Inside a pyramid

    In December 2012, my girlfriend and I travelled to Egypt to attend a conference on chariots. After the conference was over, we spent one day... Read more

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