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  • The Roman Conquest of Spain

    Maciej Maciejowski The Roman conquest of Spain (218-178 BC) - Political, military and social aspects Napoleon V 24 x 17 cm ISBN 9788378892045 279 pages Hardback, with printed cover, linen binding. With maps and index.

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  • The Roman Struggles for Hispania Ulterior 49-45 BC

    Written by: Michael Norbert Faszcza Hardback with printed cover, 24 x 17 cm, 155 pages, black and white with some diagrams and maps ISBN: 978-83-65652-61-4 Language: English (Translated from Polish) Learn More

  • Sicily and the Sea

    Edited by: Edited by: Diederik Burgerdijk, Richard Calis, Jorrit Kelder, Alexandra Sofroniew, Sebastiano Tusa, René van Beek Paperback with flaps, 22 x 26 cm, 204 pages, various full-colour illustrations ISBN: 9789462581159 Language: English Learn More

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