Editorial plan

Ancient Warfare magazine is not written by in-house editors. We commission articles from expert authors all over the world. Anyone can submit a proposal for an article, either related to a particular theme (see below) or not. If you wish to submit a proposal (title/subtitle, abstract, and a brief biography of yourself), please contact the editor.


Ancient Warfare XI-6

Release: mid-February 2018
Theme: The Peloponnesian War part II: The Decelean War (sequel to X.1)
Proposal deadline: 20 July 2017

Ancient Warfare XII-1

Release: mid-March 2018
Theme: The army of Augustus
Proposal deadline: 20 September 2017

Ancient Warfare XII-2

Release: mid-May 2018
Theme: The Thracians at War
Proposal deadline: 20 November 2017

Ancient Warfare XII-3

Release: mid-July 2018
Theme: Armour in the ancient world
Proposal deadline: 20 January 2018

Ancient Warfare XII-4

Release: mid-September 2018
Theme: Successors at Sea - Naval warfare in the Hellenistic era
Proposal deadline: 20 March 2018

Ancient Warfare XII-5

Release: mid-November 2018
Theme: Crossing the Rhine - Germanic raiders AD 200-400
Proposal deadline: 20 May 2018

Ancient Warfare XII-6

Release: mid-January 2019
Theme: Specialists in front and on the flanks - the auxiliaries
Proposal deadline: 20 June 2018