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  • Podcast episode 91: Tropes!

    A huge number of tropes about the ancient world float around in our collective consciences. This episode, the full podcast team, Myke Cole, Murray Dahm... Read more
  • An ode to helmets

    Negau helmet, now in Berlin I'm not an archaeologist - trained as a historian instead - but somehow my thoughts easily turn to material culture... Read more
  • Tombstone details

    Caius Romanius, now in the Mittelrheinisches Landesmuseum, Mainz. (c) We've discussed Roman military tombstones before. Their quantity and often formulaic text make them an... Read more
  • Podcast episode 90: Hired help from overseas

    Pyrrhus is endlessly fascinating, but the Epirote warlord was not the first to cross the Adriatic on request of Tarentum. Join the Ancient Warfare podcast... Read more
  • The Imperial Gallic I helmet

    At the end of the Imperial Gallic series of helmet types (a.k.a. Weisenau-type, in the continental style), there's a small set of copper-alloy helmets. H.Russell... Read more
  • Convoluted names

    (warning: serious chance of "Well, actually..." pedantry ahead) Gladiator, warts and all, is one of my favourite movies. I probably owe it a debt of... Read more
  • Podcast episode 89: The Roman conquest of Spain (v2)

    It's a good thing there's much to say about the 200-year period of the Roman Conquest of Spain, as we accidentally discussed this old issue... Read more
  • The Cohors Classica

    Fragmented tombstone of a soldier of the Cohors I Classica. The reconstructed and heavily emended inscription reads: (to) Tiberius Julius Probus, son of Julius, soldier... Read more
  • Ancient Warfare podcast: military celebrities

    The team sets aside their own modest dreams of celebrity to discuss the ancient variety, more specifically ancient military celebrities. What famous examples do we... Read more
  • OOP back issues

    Ancient Warfare has been around for over a decade now, and is fortunate in that many readers seem to like to collect back issues. Inevitably... Read more

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