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Ancient Warfare in Volume XIII

I sometimes get asked if we're ever going to run out of topics to discuss. I've never doubted that there'll always be subjects to talk about, and new angles to explore. Certainly at least until I reach retirement age. šŸ˜‰ But it is useful to look both forward and back sometimes and consider what we've done and what's still there to explore. In the first few years of Ancient Warfare, it was easy enough to know off the top of my head whether we'd discussed something before. Keeping a running index in your head for years does get difficult.

Theme ideas

Clearly there's no better time to check back than when I'm planning for the next Volume. Fans on the Ancient Warfare Facebook page gave me a host of ideas (feel free to add your own below). A lot to chew on, in fact, but also a good time to tick off some things we've touched upon before. In completely random order, here are some ideas and, behind them, the issues in which we've already touched upon that theme. Don't hesitate to let me know if you think the theme needs some more attention! (in many cases, I'm just going to be looking for a good excuse!)

  • Roman Civil Wars - AW II.6, AW X.6, AW XI.3
  • Early Italy and early Rome - AW IV.1, AW VII.3, AW XI.2
  • Pyrrhus - AW VI.4
  • Stilicho - AW IX.1
  • Logistics, camp followers - AW VII.4
  • Slingers, irregular warfare - AW II.1
  • Mercenaries - AW III.1
  • Cannae - AW III.4
  • Heroes and individual combat - AW III.3
  • Conquest of Spain - AW I.4

Now undoubtedly this leaves a lot of topics, mentioned in that thread on Facebook, we could tackle. A few others, I'd love to devote an article (or two, or three) to, but they have me worried about illustrating them with original artefacts, iconography, etc. As you have surely noticed, we've lately made a very serious effort to add many more images to our articles. Hellenistic warfare, a perennial favourite (with me as well!), is difficult and the idea of the Social War, Sertorius or Lucullus makes my remaining hair disappear. That said, they're all important and interesting topics, so solutions will have to be found! To be continued!


6 thoughts on “Ancient Warfare in Volume XIII”

  • George Tuck Pittman
    George Tuck Pittman August 30, 2018 at 4:45 am

    Jasper, I really do enjoy learning about the Romans as I am a Roman Catholic and had an Ancestor who was a Priest in the late 19th Century and buried in Ohio near the Indiana state line and I was an Alter/Choir Boy(All of our Priest were Great Men) so I have really enjoyed such articles on Marius's Mules and the Siege of Athens by Sulla against Aristion, I mean I really enjoy ALL of the reads and the ART. I hope that your work goes on for many decades and NO you are NOT allowed to retire. :) Just keep up the Great work as I am happy to just have this magazine. Thanks, Tuck

  • Gaius Duckus

    Posting this here since I can't find an e-mail address: are there any plans to do digital versions of the books and special issues? Would love to see that as well.

  • Tomas Kulla


    first I want to say: Thank you for AW and all the hard work done by Karwansaray Publishers stuff. Also I would like to drop few theme ideas as well.

    Ideas for the Hellenistic Era: Philopoemen and Achaean League, Maccabean Revolt, Third Macedonian War - I know it was covered in Vol IV-6 (article is called Macedon's last hurrah), but I think this war deserves full issue.

    Ideas for the Imperial Rome: Rise of Septimius Severus, Cantabrian Wars, Aetius, AurelianĀ“s campaigns in the East ā€“ I was really looking forward to ZenobiaĀ“s issue and I was really shocked it was dropped. I understand that writing in AW about Palmyra is very hard, but I think AurelianĀ“s campaigns in the East are good theme. Also I think regular contributors and authors as Ross Cowan (he summarized these campaigns in his Imperial Roman Legionary AD 161ā€“284 book) are fully capable to do this. Maybe even article by Harry Sidebottom :)

    Ideas for Republican Rome: Roman-Illyrian Wars, Conquest of Cisalpine Gaul

    Ideas for Classical Greece: Greco-Punic Wars in Sicily, Greeks of Southern Italy

    Ideas for non-Greco/Roman: Rise of Neo-Babylonian Empire, Rise of Arsacid Kingdom

    I tried to not to mention suggestions which can endanger your hair :D

    Thanks in advance for all issues of AW volume XIII.


    • Jasper Oorthuys

      Thanks for the suggestions! Don't worry about giving me worries, that's what I'm here for. I only decide against themes based on three possible reasons:
      - lack of appropriate photos of artefacts and other matter
      - suspected lack of interest in the theme
      - lack of knowledgeable authors in my network.
      The above goes for themes only - almost any topic can be slotted in as a separate feature. That's why I'm trying to make more space for that kind of article.

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