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The ancient world in documentaries

For the new 'in-between issues' episode, the Ancient Warfare podcast team looks at documentaries about the ancient world. Obviously, it's interesting to see if non-fiction work falls as easily into the 'Hollywood myth' trap as, well, producers of the latter.

Coming in early May - the first episode discussing Ancient Warfare volume XI. If you have any questions for the team, be sure to let them know!

One thought on “The ancient world in documentaries”

  • Doug Welch

    I also hope that there is enough of a television audience to keep History's new turn back toward factual history will be a profitable one. I'm hoping for any kind of a show that might focus on the facts about the dramatic Crisis of the 3rd Century or even just the more limited and better documented Severan dynasty.
    Interesting conversation re: "alternative facts" in the Ancient sources and hearing about Plutarch's account of the Year of Four Emperors!

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