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The face of ancient battle

I'm sure it was inevitable that sometime we'd address the issue of The Face of Battle. In fact, it might be considered remarkable it took this long. But here it is, the team discusses this hot-button topic. If you'd like to read some more, here are some suggestions.

4 thoughts on “The face of ancient battle”

  • Keith Flint

    Thanks for this podcast. Simply attempting it is pretty original and worthwhile. Forgive me if I mention a couple of things:

    Starting any historical discussion with barrages of 'we don't know' is hardly likely to draw in the listener. Preparing something concrete and structured to say may be the best way to inform the audience, rather than an informal discussion. In areas where knowledge is often very limited, focus is essential.

    Improve your sound quality. There is surely no need for some participants to sound like they are on long wave radio from Australia.

    But mainly, thanks again for trying to create a learning space for people like me.

    • Jasper Oorthuys
      Jasper Oorthuys November 1, 2017 at 2:09 pm

      Hi Keith,
      Thanks - some participants actually are in Australia (and Texas, the UK, and the Netherlands). We record both the live feed as well as our individual audio tracks locally, but sometimes technology just leaves us in the lurch as they say... We'll try to do better next time.
      As for the "we don't know", you're right of course, though it has perhaps almost become a running joke. It's not unusual for listeners to ask questions we really can't properly answer. The conversation is more prepared something now than it used to be, but free-flowing and informal it'll always be.

      • Pythagoras

        Hi Jasper. Just wanted to say a quick thanks for the podcasts, and for being the legend responsible for giving us the best, and most unique history magazines ever. I've seen a couple of people over the years try and claim the podcast would be better if it was more "structured", ie "lets all just sit around and read from a script or something"............People like this blow my mind, with the ammount of lectures, docos, other podcasts ect available online already doing this. The "informal" style of the podcast is what I'd call organic, and not only encourages a higher form of critical thinking and and intellectual stimulation than other forms of analysis and's what makes the podcast unique, just like the magazines.
        Having said all of that, some of us are wondering(probably a lot of us), are we going to get a AHM podcast at some point ??? I'd happily pay a little every month to see the same classic thing you're doing with AW, if that would help get everyone taking the time out to do it, and I know I cant be the only one I'd think. Maybe unleash Mr. Browers on us if your occupied with AW.
        Anyway, cheers for the years of artwork, articles and audio, and don't let a minority of people who cant handle a different form of intellectual stimulation and food for thought with their history influence you, the podcasts are unique in a generic sea of talking heads regurgitating talking points, dogma and more ideology than history half the time.
        Peace in the middle east

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