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Keeping track of your subscriptions

When we started  Ancient Warfare more than seven years ago, initially customer service and questions about renewals were easy. After all all, by issue  I.1, (only available in PDF now), renewals were at least a year off! In due course, we made it easy for us to find the subscription status, we put the final issue on address labels and we sent reminders, of course. In the end, that’s all very last century; a modern-day subscriber should be able to check his subscription status any time he wants!

So, after seven years and the addition of two more magazines, we finally added a subscription overview on the account dashboard of the webstore. Here’s where you find it. It’ll show all subscriptions you have, and have had - if there ever was a gap in your subscription, it’ll be considered as two separate subs - with next to that the expiration status and finally a handy link to renew immediately, which, by the way, you can do at any time. Our system will automatically find and extend your existing subscription.

Now what if you bought your subscription over the phone, by mail, or using guest checkout? If you create an account in our webstore, our system will automatically try to match your account with existing subscriptions. That has its limits of course, but if you spell your address consistently, and preferably use the same email address, a match is easily made. In such cases, our system will update your subscription status online. If no match was made, you can always contact us  and we’ll do it manually. The same goes, of course, if you do see subscriptions listed, but you believe they are incorrect.

Finally, please note that the matching-up, the renewal process and all subscription manipulation is not done in the webstore. If you purchase a new subscription, or renew an existing subscription, our database at the office will have to do its thing first, preferably with a human being hovering over it. So it may take a few days, but once that’s done, you should find the information in your account dashboard, and by the time your subscription has expired, a handy warning will be displayed in the shop header (yes, I tested a lot, hence all the warnings). Don’t worry, it will only show a single line per subscription!

Want to check for yourself? Go here!

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