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  • A horseman from Rhodes

    I was in Rhodes three years ago and took an awful lot of photos in the city’s archaeological museum. Today, I want to briefly focus... Read more
  • Far Cry Primal redux

    Earlier this year, I played through Ubisoft’s Far Cry Primal, an open-world, first-person shooter game set in the Stone Age. I did a game diary... Read more
  • Titan Quest

    While similar games had existed before, developer Blizzard’s Diablo (1996) set the template for what we now refer to as ‘action role-playing games’ or ARPGs... Read more
  • The ultimate homicide case of ancient Rome?

    Editorial note: regular contributor Lindsay Powell’s book on Germanicus has recently been re-released in paperback form. Like we’ve done before, we’re giving Lindsay some space... Read more
  • Wars at the edge of empires

    Last week, I put the finishing touches to the latest issue of Ancient Warfare. As long-time readers are probably aware, every volume of the magazine... Read more
  • How to be a Hollywood Roman

    A warning from The Powers That Be: our editor just may have watched too many ‘ancient-themed’ movies and TV-shows recently. Rant mode on. So, you... Read more
  • The look of the ancient world on screen

    Ridley Scott’s Gladiator (2000) was a watershed moment in recent movie history. As Alastair Blanshard and Kim Shahabudin put in their Classics on Screen: Ancient... Read more
  • Even more Spartacus

    There is something inately appealing – to modern audiences in any event – about the historical figure of Spartacus. His is the story of a... Read more
  • Sharks, war galleys, and the rise of the Roman Empire

    Editorial note: Marc G. DeSantis is a regular contributor to Ancient Warfare magazine. His first book, Rome Seizes the Trident, has now been published by Pen... Read more
  • Errata for Henchmen of Ares

    It will be two years this November since my PhD thesis was published by Karwansaray in revised form as Henchmen of Ares. Reviews have generally been... Read more

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