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  • New department: Roman army in detail

    Here in the office, we’re continuously trying to think up ways to keep our magazines fresh. For example, Christy Beall, our designer, has created a... Read more
  • Stockholm's Medieval Museum

    Yesterday, I wrote about the Swedish History Museum. Today, I want to briefly introduce you to another museum that I think is definitely worth your... Read more
  • The Swedish History Museum

    When the International Ancient Warfare Conference in Gothenburg was over, I travelled onwards to Stockholm and spent a few wonderful days there. Stockholm is a beautiful... Read more
  • Ancient warfare in Gothenburg, 2016

    It’s been a hectic few weeks. On Monday 27 June, I travelled to Gothenburg, Sweden, and managed to catch a very severe cold on my... Read more
  • Aurei from Kalkriese

    Photo courtesy Museum Varusschlacht The Varusschlacht (the Museum of Varus’ battle, a.k.a. The Teutoburg Forest) Museum in Kalkriese, Germany, today revealed the find of eight aurei, Roman... Read more
  • Ancient Warfare in Sweden

    It’s Sunday and I’ve just prepared my suitcase. In less than 16 hours, I’ll be boarding a plan to go to Gothenburg in Sweden. The... Read more
  • How Corinthian is the Corinthian helmet?

    There are a great many different types of ancient Greek helmets, ranging across a large span of time, from the boar’s tusk helmets of the... Read more
  • Hegemony III: Clash of the Ancients

    When I wrote my series on ancient warfare in videogames, back in 2013, I fully intended to explore a game called Hegemony, developed by Longbow... Read more
  • Swords in Leiden

    If you’ve been following my blog posts for a while, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that I’ve been rather critical of the... Read more
  • Themes for volume XI

    The votes are in! Several hundred of you voted for what you would like to see as themes for Ancient Warfare volume XI. In addition... Read more

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