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  • Germania Magna: Border in Flames

    Next week, if all goes well, we’ll be recording a new podcast about issue IX.1, which deals with the fall of Rome. It is fitting... Read more
  • A panoply from Paestum

    One of the problems of a paper magazine is that space is limited. The fiftieth issue of Ancient Warfare, which has just returned from the... Read more
  • The generation of leaves

    With Homer on my mind, I was thinking back about some of my favourite passages from the Iliad. One in particular springs to mind, namely... Read more
  • A helmet from ancient Sardis

    Last year, I gave a lecture in London where I argued that Greek warfare should be interpreted in a Mediterranean context, and that the warfare... Read more
  • The fiftieth issue of Ancient Warfare

    It’s finally done! Issue IX.4, the fiftieth regular issue of Ancient Warfare to be published since 2007, is now off to the printer’s. Normal issues... Read more
  • Summer doldrums

    While some of our colleagues are enjoying the sun in faraway places, the rest of the Karwansaray team is working in the, luckily fairly cool... Read more
  • Flashback Friday: the last Roman, Belisarius

    Is it Friday again? Yes, it is, and that means it’s time for another ‘Flashback Friday’. In fact, it’s the last entry in this series... Read more
  • A Cypriot chariot

    Cyprus is perhaps one of the most interesting areas of the ancient Mediterranean because it is similar to Greece, yet also unique. From our point... Read more
  • Books received (July 2015)

    As mentioned before, I frequently receive books for review. Rather than ask authors and regular reviewers if they are interested in reviewing a book (which... Read more
  • The shield of Achilles

    During last year’s ‘Summer of Hercules’, I wrote a blog post about the epic poem The Shield of Heracles. As I noted, the description of... Read more

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