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Ancient Warfare Blog

  • Ancients wargaming, verse 2

    Guy Bowers, editor of Ancient Warfare's sister magazine Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy, was in town for a few days last week. Obviously we discussed the conundrum referred... Read more
  • The face of ancient battle

    I'm sure it was inevitable that sometime we'd address the issue of The Face of Battle. In fact, it might be considered remarkable it took this... Read more
  • Rebooting my ancient wargaming

    I do my level best to stay true to the course when it comes to my miniature wargaming. You know, limit the number of projects... Read more
  • The Face of Battle

    Tonight we're recording a new episode of the Ancient Warfare podcast (listen to the result). It's an 'in-betweener' so we won't discuss a recent issue... Read more
  • Romans at the Open Air Museum

    Yesterday, I visited the Dutch Open Air Museum for a family birthday, like you do. It's very well-done if you're interested in folklore, daily life... Read more
  • Caesar and Pompey - the podcast!

    Surely there are easier topics to discuss than the Balkans campaign of Caesar and Pompey in 48 BC, but if there are, they don't spring... Read more
  • Caesar and Pompey

    Tomorrow night, september 14th, we're recording a new episode of the Ancient Warfare podcast. It'll be the standard format, discussing the latest issue with our... Read more
  • Themes for Volume XII

    Ten years of Ancient Warfare are in the bag and hopefully you agree we've celebrated that feat suitably with issue XI.3. Fun though it is to... Read more
  • Turning defeat into victory

    Inspired by the new 'Dunkirk' film, the Ancient Warfare podcast crew discuss ancient examples of turning defeats into victory. It became a wide-ranging discussion, both... Read more
  • Podcast - Rome unifies Italy

    The Ancient Warfare podcast team recently recorded a new episode to accompany Ancient Warfare issue XI.2 - the Romans unify Italy. Enjoy! Read more

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