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Ancient Warfare Blog

  • Non-theme articles

    Most of each issue of Ancient Warfare has been devoted to a single theme since issue I.1. The theme covers about 2/3rds of the magazine and... Read more
  • Reading the reader

    The editor’s job at niche magazines like ours requires a demanding list of personal properties. First of all, you’ve got to be knowledgeable and deeply... Read more
  • AW at the museum - bunch o' helmets!

    When I recently visited the Valkhof Museum in Nijmegen to see the Gladiator exhibit (report), I almost missed their other temporary exhibition on Roman helmets... Read more
  • The Year of the Four Emperors

    After some minor delays, issue X.6 of Ancient Warfare went to the printer’s last week. It’s the 26th and final issue for me as editor... Read more
  • Ancient Warfare at the Museum - gladiators!

    Last Sunday I visited the ‘Gladiators - heroes of the Colosseum’ exhibition at the Valkhof Museum, Nijmegen. I have to admit that the language and... Read more
  • Ancient Warfare season 11...

    That should probably really be Volume XI, but I suppose there’s been too much series-tv-watching lately. You get the idea. Ancient Warfare X.6 is now... Read more
  • Ancient Warfare at the Museum - 6

    One extremely awkward feature of running a magazine like Ancient Warfare is the unequal distribution of finds. Whereas, in my experience, it seems our readers... Read more
  • Ancient Warfare at the Museum - 5

    In contrast to last week’s undoubtedly heavy chunk of stone, this week I’d like to discuss a type of item that’s physically very limited size... Read more
  • Ancient Warfare at the Museum - 4

    I’m going to make a prediction: if you keep following this series, you’ll get a sneaking suspicion I’ve got an unhealthy interest in tombstones (and... Read more
  • Back to the trenches

    In a small company like ours, a managing director can really do only so much. Find new editors once in a while, loom over those... Read more

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