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Ancient Warfare Blog

  • Simulating centurions (part 2)

    Yesterday, I discussed an article written by Xavier Rubio and his colleagues about a simulation that tested the role of centurions in the Roman army... Read more
  • Simulating centurions (part 1)

    My blog post on simulating ancient battles has received quite a lot of constructive feedback. Clearly, it is a topic of some interest among readers of... Read more
  • The value of simulating ancient battles

    What was battle really like in ancient times? For the most part, military historians tend to focus on the big picture: logistics, the movement and... Read more
  • Greeks bearing arms

    The Archaeological Museum of Rhodes has an excellent collection of ancient artefacts, including a large array of beautiful decorative pottery. Below is one example that... Read more
  • Why are there ‘problems’ in Greek warfare?

    If you’ve read a few of the more academically-inclined books or articles on the subject of Greek warfare, including material from Ancient Warfare magazine itself... Read more
  • The hoplite’s ‘hoplon’

    I haven’t been posting a lot here lately because things around the office are a little busy. We’re currently polishing off The Art of Ancient... Read more
  • Caesar in Holland: hype and scepticism

    On 10 December, a blog post based on an article by Dutch journalist Theo Toebosch was published on this website about the recent news that... Read more
  • Plutarch's Life of Theseus

    For this final entry, I would have liked to recommend to you another book in the series Gods and Heroes of the Ancient World, as... Read more
  • The Minotaur

    The National Archaeological Museum of Spain, located in Madrid, has one of my favourite ancient depictions of the Minotaur. It is found on the inside... Read more
  • Immortals (2011)

    There are quite a few books, games, and other media that have been inspired by the story of Theseus and the labyrinth, most notably, perhaps... Read more

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