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Ancient Warfare Blog

  • The labours of Theseus

    The British Museum in London has an Attic red-figure kylix (cup) that depicts some of Theseus’ most famous deeds. It was found in Italy, at... Read more
  • The Week of Theseus

    As promised in my last post of the Autumn of Perseus, the week of 14 December 2015 is the ‘Week of Theseus’. This is the... Read more
  • Alternatives to 300, part 2: Democracy

    A few days ago, I wrote about the graphic novel Three as a more historically accurate alternative to Frank Miller’s 300. Today, I want to... Read more
  • The massacre of the Usipetes and Tencteri

    Site of the Massacre (c) Karwansaray Publishers. In 55 BC, the tribes of the Usipetes and Tencteri, which had until then lived on the east... Read more
  • Alternatives to 300, part 1: Three

    Last year, I wrote a series of blog posts about the movie 300 (2006), and also tangentially mentioned Frank Miller’s graphic novel, which the movie... Read more
  • Swords in ancient Greece

    Currently, I’m getting ready to put Ancient Warfare issue IX.6 through the editorial process. For an article by Cezary Kucewicz on the treatment of the... Read more
  • Bellerophon in London

    The Autumn of Perseus is, sadly enough, over, but that won’t prevent me from writing about mythological subjects anyway. Today, I want to briefly return... Read more
  • Autumn of Perseus recap

    Nearly a month ago, I started my series of blog posts on the ancient Greek hero Perseus, the great grandfather of the mighty Heracles, and... Read more
  • Daniel Ogden’s Perseus (review)

    Last year, I reviewed Emma Stafford’s book on the hero Heracles. Daniel Ogden has written another book in the same series, published in 2008, that... Read more
  • Perseus Against the Monsters (1963)

    The release of the Italian movie Hercules, starring Steve Reeves, back in 1958, spawned a large number of sword-and-sandal would-be epics. Among these so-called peplum... Read more

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