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Ancient Warfare Blog

  • Box office gladiators

    Editor’s note: as of issue IX.1, Ancient Warfare has a new segment called ‘Hollywood Romans’. David L. Reinke and Graham Sumner take turns to devote... Read more
  • A triple-bodied warrior in London

    Last year, when I was in London, I naturally seized the opportunity to visit the British Museum. The collection they have there is great and... Read more
  • Flashback Friday: ancient mercenary service

    Today is the deadline for article submissions for issue IX.4, on the Punic Wars. As stated before, number IX.4 will be the fiftieth issue of... Read more
  • Perils of a printed publication

    The latest issue of Ancient Warfare, on the fall of Rome, was released and there was much rejoicing. Our elation at the appearance of this... Read more
  • Books received (March 2015)

    Normally, we publish five pages’ worth of reviews in every issue of Ancient Warfare. Most of the time, publishers (and sometimes authors) send us new... Read more
  • The fall of Rome

    What better way to kick off the ninth volume of Ancient Warfare than with an issue on the fall of the western half of the... Read more
  • Apotheon

    Recently, a new video game was released called Apotheon. It was developed and published by Alientrap. It is an action game set in ancient Greece... Read more
  • Revisiting Henchmen of Ares

    The publication of Henchmen of Ares: Warriors and Warfare in Early Greece, back in late 2013, was a milestone in a research career that dates... Read more
  • An update on the Ancient History Magazine survey

    Last week, I posted that we are thinking about starting a new magazine devoted more generally to ancient history. This new magazine will be similar to... Read more
  • Survey for a new magazine

    For some time, we’ve had an idea here in the office about starting a new magazine, one devoted more generally to the ancient world. It... Read more

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