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Ancient Warfare Blog

  • Flashback Friday: the last Roman, Belisarius

    Is it Friday again? Yes, it is, and that means it’s time for another ‘Flashback Friday’. In fact, it’s the last entry in this series... Read more
  • A Cypriot chariot

    Cyprus is perhaps one of the most interesting areas of the ancient Mediterranean because it is similar to Greece, yet also unique. From our point... Read more
  • Books received (July 2015)

    As mentioned before, I frequently receive books for review. Rather than ask authors and regular reviewers if they are interested in reviewing a book (which... Read more
  • The shield of Achilles

    During last year’s ‘Summer of Hercules’, I wrote a blog post about the epic poem The Shield of Heracles. As I noted, the description of... Read more
  • A veteran's sacrifice

    A “tabula ansata” mentioning a sacrifice to Vihansa (Koninklijke Musea voor Kunst en Geschiedenis, Brussels) This small piece of bronze, about fifteen centimeters wide, can... Read more
  • Winner of the historical fiction contest

    The fiftieth issue of Ancient Warfare (IX.4) will go the print towards the end of next month. This issue will be extra thick, weighing in... Read more
  • Flashback Friday: Agricola’s campaigns

    Another Friday, another flashback! This time, I want to take you back to the year 2007, to the very first issue of Ancient Warfare that... Read more
  • Themes for volume X

    Last month, I asked you to vote on themes for issues X.2 through to X.6. The survey was completed nearly 500 times, which is a... Read more
  • Those are not hoplite shields!

    One of the things that I discovered only fairly recently is that the shields used by hoplites in Total War: Rome 2 are actually incorrect... Read more
  • Total War: Arena (preview)

    On the third day of the conference at Aberystwyth, Jan van der Crabben, who is the founder of the online Ancient History Encyclopedia and works... Read more

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