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Ancient Warfare Blog

  • The 7 issues of Ancient Warfare everyone should have

    If you have subscribed to Ancient Warfare, you should have received issue VIII.1 by now or should receive it soon. If you haven’t subscribed yet, then... Read more
  • Hoplites and typochronology

    Currently, I am preparing my lecture for the colloquium on ancient Greek warfare in London on 25 April. My lecture will focus on the development of the... Read more
  • Creating the centrefold for VIII.1

    Radu Oltean created another beautiful centrefold for Ancient Warfare issue VIII.1 to accompany Arnold Blumberg’s article on Memnon of Rhodes. The picture depicts the Battle at the... Read more
  • 300: The good, the bad and the ugly (part 3)

    This is the third and final part of a series of blog posts on the movie (and comic book) 300. In part one I discussed some of the... Read more
  • 300: The good, the bad and the ugly (part 2)

    This is the second of three blog posts on the movie 300 (2006). In the first part, I focused largely on the good aspects of the movie. In... Read more
  • 300: The good, the bad and the ugly (part 1)

    When the movie 300 was originally released in 2006, it caused quite a stir. Many people were impressed with the visuals and the movie is an entertaining... Read more
  • Roman rebels: the Bacaudae

    Out of the chaos of civil war and economic collapse that characterized the Roman Empire in the third century AD, came a prolonged series of... Read more
  • The Alexander Sarcophagus

    For my own amusement, I have been making a study of the Macedonian army of Philip II and his illustrious son, Alexander the Great. An... Read more
  • More on the Marcomannic Wars

    In this article, I will supply further information about the finds that helped to interpret the events in Roman Raetia during the Marcomannic wars, as... Read more
  • London colloquium on Greek warfare in April

    An incredible amount of ink has been spilled discussing that most thorny of ancient Greek military problems: the hoplite phalanx. In hefty discussions some thirty... Read more

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