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Ancient Warfare Blog

  • Roman soldiers in Leiden

    Today, I went to Leiden to attend Dr Stefanie Hoss’s defence of her (second) PhD dissertation, entitled Cingulum militaris: Studien zum römischen Soldatengürtel vom 1. bis... Read more
  • Teaching ancient warfare

    Yesterday, I taught the first class in a course on warfare in the ancient world. I did so for the HOVO, an institute here in... Read more
  • Homer and history (part 2)

    In the previous blog post, I discussed the historicity of the epic world described by Homer and have tried to provide you with information regarding the... Read more
  • Homer and history (part 1)

    My recent blog posts on the Sea-Peoples and Mycenaean warfare have created a bit of a stir among certain readers who believe fervently that I am wrong, based largely... Read more
  • Creating the centrefold for VII.6

    Each issue of Ancient Warfare has a two-page centrefold. Issue VII.6, on the wars of Marcus Aurelius, was no different. For Sidney Dean’s article on part of the... Read more
  • Classical Greek military units

    Lately, I have been thinking about Greek military units of the Classical period, their size and composition. The most basic unit was the lochos (pl. lochoi), a term... Read more
  • Crushed on the ice: Marcus' victory on the Danube

    When Marcus Aurelius led the Roman army north to put an end to the invasions of tribal groups like the Marcomanni and the Quadi, along... Read more
  • Studying the Sea-Peoples

    A PhD student from France emailed me to say that while my recent blog post on the Sea-Peoples was interesting, it lacked references. This is something that... Read more
  • 40 issues of Ancient Warfare

    The latest issue of Ancient Warfare, issue VII.6, is off to the printer’s. The theme for this issue is Marcus Aurelius, whom I have dubbed a... Read more
  • Warfare among the Mycenaeans

    This entry is intended as a follow-up to my last blog post on reconstructing ancient Aegean warriors and their connection to the Sea-Peoples. There has been a... Read more

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