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  • The Battle of Drepana, 249 BC (part 2)

    Did swimming chickens cost Rome a naval battle? PART 2: ROME LOSES A FLEET With the outbreak of the First Punic War against Carthage in... Read more
  • The Battle of Drepana, 249 BC (part 1)

    Did swimming chickens cost Rome a naval battle? PART 1: ROME GAINS A NAVY Rome and Carthage would fight three bitter wars with each other... Read more
  • A storm of spears (review)

    This is a review of Christopher Matthew’s book A Storm of Spears: Understanding the Greek Hoplite at War, published in 2012 by Pen & Sword... Read more
  • Sources for ancient military studies

    The Internet offers a wealth of resources to those who are interested in the ancient world. I recently wrote more generally on sources available online... Read more
  • Vote on themes for Ancient Warfare volume VIII

    A few months ago, I started asking you for ideas for themes for volume VIII. I received quite a few and have selected the most... Read more
  • Shield emblems in ancient Italy

    In Johnny Shumate’s beautiful illustration of the Siege of Motya – published as the centrefold in issue VII.2 of Ancient Warfare – are shown different shield... Read more
  • A look at Lydian warfare

    This blog post is a brief overview of warfare in ancient Lydia. It was inspired by my earlier blog post on the supposed “Western” way... Read more
  • Soldier, scribe, king: the career of Horemheb

    After the premature death of the young King Tutankhamun (r. 1332–1323 BC) – who died without leaving an heir – there was a succession of... Read more
  • A Western way of war?

    In a recent review of the otherwise excellent collection of essays called Ancient Warfare: Archaeological Perspectives, I spent some time criticizing the use of the... Read more
  • Caesar in Germania

    Our good friend Jona Lendering has posted breaking news (in Dutch) over on his blog, which I translate c.q. paraphrase below. Siggi Karcher, over at... Read more

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