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  • Asteropaeus the ambidextrous hero

    One of the joys of writing Henchmen of Ares (see also the synopsis) was revisiting the Homeric epics. Homer has been a significant part of my studies from... Read more
  • The Chinese war chariot

    When we think of war chariots we tend to think of ancient kingdoms, such as the Sumerians, Hittites and particularly the Egyptians. After all, the... Read more
  • Going through proposals

    Ancient Warfare magazine relies on proposals from authors to fill each issue. Fortunately, we really never have any problems with getting enough proposals. The only time... Read more
  • Chariots and horses in the Homeric world

    We are currently hard at work putting the finishing touches on my new book, Henchmen of Ares: Warriors and Warfare in Early Greece. It is set... Read more
  • Piracy in Archaic and Classical Greece

    Murder, pillage and kidnap by seaborne raiders – i.e. pirates – were familiar terrors for many inhabitants of the Mediterranean basin during the Archaic (800–500... Read more
  • Votes are in for volume VIII

    At the beginning of the month, I asked you to vote for themes for volume VIII of Ancient Warfaremagazine. The response has been very enthusiastic, with... Read more
  • Reconstructing the Lydian siege of Smyrna

    One of the advantages in writing  Henchmen of Ares  was that I could make full use of the talented illustrators that work for  Ancient Warfare... Read more
  • The Battle of Drepana, 249 BC (part 2)

    Did swimming chickens cost Rome a naval battle? PART 2: ROME LOSES A FLEET With the outbreak of the First Punic War against Carthage in... Read more
  • The Battle of Drepana, 249 BC (part 1)

    Did swimming chickens cost Rome a naval battle? PART 1: ROME GAINS A NAVY Rome and Carthage would fight three bitter wars with each other... Read more
  • A storm of spears (review)

    This is a review of Christopher Matthew’s book A Storm of Spears: Understanding the Greek Hoplite at War, published in 2012 by Pen & Sword... Read more

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