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  • Ancient Warfare podcast - Power of Poseidon

    Ancient Warfare XII.4 should be with readers in the UK and most of Europe now, and is making its way elsewhere. In the meantime, the Ancient Warfare... Read more
  • The Ala Afrorum

    If you go out in the woods today, and visit some of the Roman archaeology museums along the Rhine in what was once Germania Inferior, you're... Read more
  • Unconventional tactics - the podcast

    The latest Ancient Warfare podcast was actually released on my birthday, just over two weeks ago. I don't think I was celebrating too hard and... Read more
  • Editorial plan updated

    Absolutely, it was high time I updated the editorial plan and thank you so much for all the suggestions. I truly enjoy hearing what topics... Read more
  • Ancient Warfare podcast: armour!

    Getting together for a world-spanning podcast recording doesn't always work out, so we had a slimmed-down team on only two continents. Mark, Marc, Angus and... Read more
  • Ancient naval warfare

    If you follow the Ancient Warfare Facebook page religiously, you will have seen how I reorganised by bookcases this spring. It was a pleasant reminder... Read more
  • Ancient Warfare podcast: death, dying and killing

    We had some coordination issues getting the AW podcast team together, but we managed. And we then proceeded to discuss what's of course really at... Read more
  • Shipping rates updated

    Don't worry, this is not a blog about postage rates going up, quite the opposite! Books and magazines have the unfortunate tendency - especially the... Read more
  • Ancients wargaming, focus attained!

    One month into our project, Guy has picked an army to work on and he's sort-of given me away. He'd been hankering to upgrade his third... Read more
  • Ancient Warfare in Volume XIII

    I sometimes get asked if we're ever going to run out of topics to discuss. I've never doubted that there'll always be subjects to talk... Read more

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