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  • The archaeology of ancient warfare (review)

    This is a review of the book Ancient Warfare: Archaeological Perspectives, edited by John Carman and Anthony Harding and published in 1999 (the reviewed edition... Read more
  • A talk on Arrian and Alexander the Great

    Allan Vorda conducted an interview with James Romm, Associate Professor of Classics at Bard College, who edited The Landmark Arrian, probably the definitive ancient text... Read more
  • Themes for volume VIII

    We have just published the first issue of the seventh volume, on ancient Egypt, and are currently preparing the second issue, which will deal with... Read more
  • Ancient warfare in videogames (part 3)

    This is the third and final part of a series of blog posts on the depiction of ancient warfare in videogames. In the first part... Read more
  • Ancient warfare in videogames (part 2)

    In the first part of this article, I set out my goal in discussing the depiction of ancient warfare in videogames and then proceeded to... Read more
  • Ancient warfare in videogames (part 1)

    There are many computer and console games based on ancient history. Some of these titles are more historically accurate than others, and many contain quite... Read more
  • Why study ancient warfare?

    What is it that makes warfare in the ancient world such a fascinating and rewarding subject of study? A few reasons spring readily to mind... Read more
  • The military effectiveness of Early Greek walls

    How effective were Greek fortifications of the period between ca. 1000 and 500 BC at protecting the people behind the walls? Were they supposed to... Read more
  • Distribution surveys

    Perhaps you’ve already received one of these before, but if you haven’t yet, odds are that you will one day: a friendly request from our... Read more
  • The Battle of Telamon, 225 BC (part 2)

    “You are not facing a Latin or a Sabine foe who will become your ally when you have beaten him: we have drawn our swords... Read more

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