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  • Shipping rates updated

    Don't worry, this is not a blog about postage rates going up, quite the opposite! Books and magazines have the unfortunate tendency - especially the... Read more
  • Ancients wargaming, focus attained!

    One month into our project, Guy has picked an army to work on and he's sort-of given me away. He'd been hankering to upgrade his third... Read more
  • Ancient Warfare in Volume XIII

    I sometimes get asked if we're ever going to run out of topics to discuss. I've never doubted that there'll always be subjects to talk... Read more
  • Ancient Thracians - the podcast!

    The Ancient Warfare podcast team, consisting in these summer days of Angus Wallace, Lindsay Powell, Marc Desantis, Murray Dahm, Myke Cole, and lil'old me, have... Read more
  • Ancients wargaming - focus, please...

    Thureophoroi - mix of Aventine and Gripping Beast miniatures I've made a variety of noises about rebooting my Ancients wargaming. I have to admit, to... Read more
  • Ancient uniforms? Ancient Warfare podcast episode #78

    We did a thing! More specifically, we recorded a fairly passionate debate about the concept of 'uniform' and the presence, or lack thereof, of uniforms... Read more
  • Ancient Warfare at the museum - 11

    Variety is the spice of life, but ancient tombstones are my wheelhouse, as they say, so here’s another. Anyone with an interest in the ancient... Read more
  • Ancient Warfare at the museum - 10

    The collection of the Amsterdam Allard Pierson Museum may be modest compared to the National Museum of Archaeology, and it is not as glamorous... Read more
  • Another podcast!

    It may seem like we're producing podcasts at a prodigious rate, but it's just that the announcement of the previous episode was late. So back... Read more
  • Augustus' army podcast and themes...

    I'm a little late - Angus at released the latest podcast over a week ago. Derp!  But in case you missed it, join the team... Read more

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