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Ancient Warfare Blog

  • Ancient Warfare Answers episode 1

    This month, Murray Dahm and I are starting a new series of short podcasts in which we try to answer one question in the field... Read more
  • The Assyrian army

    For an army that features in the Bible, and is famous for its depictions on reliefs seen in museums the world over, there are remarkably... Read more
  • Podcast episode 100: Questions answered live!

    For the 100th episode, theĀ Ancient Warfare podcast team answered a slew of questions in a live session on Youtube (see our lockdown hairdo). We enjoyed... Read more
  • Ancient warfare movie bingo

    The Ancient Warfare movie bingo as suggested in episode 99 of the podcast is listed below. Enjoy and be aware that we accept no responsibility... Read more
  • Podcast episode 99: Covid recommendations

    With many readers (and podcast listeners) stuck at home, theĀ Ancient Warfare podcast team decided to fill an episode with stuff to read, watch and an... Read more
  • Dis Manibus - Paul McDonnell-Staff

    Relief of a steersman from Cologne - Paul McDonnell-Staff rowed on the Olympias and was very interested in ancient naval warfare as well. Last Saturday... Read more
  • Podcast episode 98: Soldiers of Fortune

    Inspired by issue XIII.5 (and its predecessor III.1), the full podcast-team (Myke Cole, Murray Dahm, Marc DeSantis, Mark McCaffery, Lindsay Powell and me) go to... Read more
  • Gary Brueggeman's The Roman Army

    Many years ago (by internet standards) Gary Brueggeman started a website on the Roman Army, full of tactical and operational analyses illuminated by his own... Read more
  • Alexander in Afghanistan

    Ancient Warfare podcast Patron Jared suggested the team discuss Alexander the Great's operations in Afghanistan. We understood this as his campaigns in Bactria and Sogdia... Read more
  • The total barbarian

    We've got two issues coming up that might (or perhaps: should) touch on Celtic mercenaries. The next one, Mercenaries (part 2), and issue XIV.1, Warfare... Read more

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