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  • Romans at the Open Air Museum

    Yesterday, I visited the Dutch Open Air Museum for a family birthday, like you do. It's very well-done if you're interested in folklore, daily life... Read more
  • Caesar and Pompey - the podcast!

    Surely there are easier topics to discuss than the Balkans campaign of Caesar and Pompey in 48 BC, but if there are, they don't spring... Read more
  • Caesar and Pompey

    Tomorrow night, september 14th, we're recording a new episode of the Ancient Warfare podcast. It'll be the standard format, discussing the latest issue with our... Read more
  • Themes for Volume XII

    Ten years of Ancient Warfare are in the bag and hopefully you agree we've celebrated that feat suitably with issue XI.3. Fun though it is to... Read more
  • Turning defeat into victory

    Inspired by the new 'Dunkirk' film, the Ancient Warfare podcast crew discuss ancient examples of turning defeats into victory. It became a wide-ranging discussion, both... Read more
  • Podcast - Rome unifies Italy

    The Ancient Warfare podcast team recently recorded a new episode to accompany Ancient Warfare issue XI.2 - the Romans unify Italy. Enjoy! Read more
  • Which ancient battle...

    would you be interested to observe? The Ancient Warfare podcast team, this time consisting of Marc, Murray, Angus and Jasper, mull through various options and... Read more
  • Theme suggestions

    How is it June already? I'm going to have to pin down the actual tenth anniversary of Ancient Warfare, but in the meantime: themes! If you've... Read more
  • Roman standard-bearer tombstones

    I think Graham Sumner created a wonderful painting of Felsonius Verus, the aquilifer of Legio II Parthica for Ancient Warfare XI.2. That painting includes a... Read more
  • Oh, those Apulo-Corinthians...

    Mars on the Ahenobarbus relief - now in the Louvre, Paris. For some reason, the Roman Republican era is strongly associated with Roman legionaries wearing... Read more

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