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  • Ancients wargaming, verse 3

    Record of a unique event - with nary a uniform reenactor anywhere The following is likely an altogether familiar problem if you're a reenactor or... Read more
  • Why we love Ancient Warfare

    In my previous blog, I discussed what made me so endlessly fascinated with Ancient Warfare (Italics to be applied at will, depending on whether we're... Read more
  • Why I love Ancient Warfare

    Five years ago today then-editor of Ancient Warfare Josho Brouwers wrote a well-reasoned blog about why Ancient Warfare is an important topic for study among... Read more
  • Victory for Sparta podcast

    Done reading Ancient Warfare XI.6? If so, then align your ears to the latest episode of our podcast and join the team for a continued... Read more
  • Xerxes smites Leonidas?

    I enjoy cylinder seals. They are small, cut stones used by ancient Mesopotamian cultures to seal a document. They rolled it over a clay tablet... Read more
  • 'Simulating' Ancient Warfare

    We've got a new episode of theĀ Ancient Warfare podcast! On this in-betweener the team muses about ways to 'simulate' warfare in the ancient world on... Read more
  • Mounted warfare podcast

    Join the Ancient Warfare podcast team as they discuss issue XI.5, Mounted Warfare (print, pdf). The debate between Lindsay, Mark, Marc, Murray, Angus and Jasper... Read more
  • Book review: Vindolanda by Adrian Goldsworthy

    Ah, the holidays. Time to see the relatives, debate the world, relax, and wait for delayed flights... Amsterdam Airport is fortunately well equipped with establishments... Read more
  • Hoplites, 300, and the Face of Battle

    It's only been a good two weeks and here's another podcast. It must be the festive season... For this episode author Paul Bardunias joins Marc... Read more
  • Warfare in Ancient Israel

    The 70th episode of the Ancient Warfare podcast is here! The team discusses warfare in Ancient Israel to coincide with he release of Ancient Warfare... Read more

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