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Ancient Warfare Blog

  • Podcast episode 96: Warriors on Wheels

    Suggested products Ancient Warfare XIII.4 Ancient Warfare XIII.4 with chariot warfare in antiquity Until the arrival of the chariot, warfare had been an exclusively infantry-based... Read more
  • Podcast episode 95: Contests and rituals around ancient battles

    With Jasper called away to a funeral abroad at the last minute, Murray acts as MC with Marc DeSantis, Mark McCaffery and Lindsay Powell joining... Read more
  • Cedo alteram - Know your centurion

    Suggested products Ancient Warfare XI.1 (PDF) Ancient Warfare XI.1 with Archery in the ancient world. Heavy infantry and cavalry often got the glory, but archers... Read more
  • Podcast episode 94: The Rise of Septimius Severus

    Ancient Warfare issue XIII.3 is here, and the team have come together to discuss the meteoric rise of Rome's African Emperor, the ruthlessly striving Septimius... Read more
  • Themes for Volume XIV

    Yesterday I forwarded the publication plan to our distributor. It consists of a fairly punishing schedule with a new issue every 7.5 weeks. Obviously, this... Read more
  • Podcast episode 93: Experimental archaeology and reenactment

    In this episode, the team discusses the benefits, downsides, biases and other features of experimental and archaeology. Does it help us understand how ancient soldiers... Read more
  • Ancients wargaming - attempt 328

    I'm not exactly sure why, but my optimistically announced reboot of ancients wargaming seems to have taken the 'failboat' into the sunset. I could blame Guy for running from one wargaming project to another. Read more
  • Podcast episode 92: geography in warfare

    Ancient Warfare podcast episodes this month are, apparently, like those proverbial buses: none for a while and then two come together. In the latest episode... Read more
  • Podcast episode 91: Tropes!

    A huge number of tropes about the ancient world float around in our collective consciences. This episode, the full podcast team, Myke Cole, Murray Dahm... Read more
  • An ode to helmets

    Negau helmet, now in Berlin I'm not an archaeologist - trained as a historian instead - but somehow my thoughts easily turn to material culture... Read more

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