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Podcast episode 91: Tropes!

A huge number of tropes about the ancient world float around in our collective consciences. This episode, the full podcast team, Myke Cole, Murray Dahm, Marc Desantis, Marc Mccaffery, Lindsay Powell, and I discuss some of them. It's an easy topic to discuss, lament and debate forever, but we kept it properly limited.

2 thoughts on “Podcast episode 91: Tropes!”

  • George Tuck Pittman
    George Tuck Pittman September 11, 2019 at 11:29 pm

    This was EXCELLENT, thus I plan on listening to it again. I 'thought' that Scipio Afracanus was pronounced Sip as in sipping coffee but it is according to this podcast is indeed Skip as in English it would be pronounced Skippio. I had 'assumed' incorrectly that if a K, a spelling of ch=K as is in Latin for some plants, a ch is placed or a K but I also know well that there are exceptions to the rule. And currently, I am very interested in Scipio Africanus, just purchasing Liddel's book on this undefeated Roman General, the Scipio apparently a very distinguished Roman Family. Tuck Pittman, Lawton, Oklahoma, USA

  • Walter Goralski

    This is the first once of these I've listened to end to end...I found it fascinating. I have no idea, Jasper, who is speaking other than you. Thanks for all your contributions to these kinds of studies.

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