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Recurring subscriptions

Since March 15th, with the addition of the recurring (or automatic) subscription type, we offer three flavours of Ancient Warfare subscriptions. As this is new a new initiative, we'd like to take the time to answer some questions. If more pop-up in the comments, we'll add them in later.

Why would I switch to a recurring subscription? Let's not beat about the bush: it's what we hope all our readers want to do. So we've tried to make it as advantageous as possible:

  • It's a bit better deal than a regular one-year subscription, and the three payment terms per year cut your subscription fee down to a manageable level.
  • You get a 30% discount on the first term of your subscription.
  • Less trouble! We no longer have to send you renewal reminders, and there's no need for you to remember to renew.
  • If you decide you no longer want a recurring subscription, you can suspend or stop it at any time via your account dashboard.Will there be a choice between this new style of subscription and the old style where you'd renew for a fixed period, ending if not renewed? Yes. Subscriptions now come in three flavours: a recurring subscription, the starter package (one year plus the three latest issues), and a one or two-year subscription.

Which payment methods can I use with a recurring subscription? Both PayPal and credit card (MasterCard, Visa, American Express) will work with our system.

Can anyone use the recurring subscription? Yes. If you already have an existing subscription, you can transition to a recurring subscription and benefit from the lower price and introductory discount. It is recommended to only do so once your existing subscription is about to run out.

Curious? Find recurring subscriptions - digital version to follow soon - here.

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