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Subscriptions, accounts and pricing

Throughout this year, we’ve worked hard on introducing some features in our webstore to make life easier and more interesting for subscribers as well as for loyal and even for incidental customers. For instance, knowing that many people prefer not to have an account on yet another website, we’ve provided the ‘guest checkout’ for the last few years. That even works for subscribers: our system attempts to connect address information for renewals with existing subscriptions to figure out whether a renewal is in order, or rather a new subscriptions. It works quite well - although not perfect, you’d be surprised in how many ways people can write the same address! - and we’re quite proud of that. Nonetheless, life is much easier for us if everyone had an account in the webstore and used it. After all, that way we can ensure that if you move and you update your address in the webstore, your subscriptions automatically follows you to your new domicile! It also reduces the chances of address typos - easier to type it right once and just select from the address book on every new purchase. To that end, we’ve been trying to make it a bit more attractive to have an account, without forcing you to make one when not absolutely necessary.

One way to do so, we introduced a short while ago. If you have an account, you can now easily keep track of your subscriptions from your account page.

Today, we introduce another reason to have an account (and an extra reason to have a subscription!) If you are a subscriber to any of our magazines, in any form, and you are logged in to your account in the webstore, you automatically get a 10% discount on any paper back issues, and 15% on any digital back issues. That’s before any discounts you might get from coupons, special offers or volume discounts! Pretty good huh?

And speaking of volume discounts, it was pretty clear from our moving sale that such discounts were appreciated. It’s always been relatively cheaper to ship many issues at once, but we decided to make a (bit more modest) volume discount permanent. You now get an automatic 5% discount if you buy 3-5 issues in any combination (paper, digital, Specials), 15% if you buy 6-9 issues and 20% if you buy 10 or more in one order. This, again, is completely automatic and yes, it does stack with the subscriber discounts listed above.

Happy browsing!

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