Themes for Volume XIV

Yesterday I forwarded the publication plan to our distributor. It consists of a fairly punishing schedule with a new issue every 7.5 weeks. Obviously, this is a challenge I've set the team to catch up with the delays we've suffered over the last few years. To help out, we've also appointed an assistant editor. Poor sod... 😉

However, that means that planning and nailing things down is yet more important. And at the moment, my editorial plan doesn't go past issue XIV.1. Veteran readers of Ancient Warfare will know what comes next: what would you like to read about? Please let us know in the comments below. No guarantees we'll pick up on your suggestions, but here's your chance!

15 thoughts on “Themes for Volume XIV”

  • Dustin Larsen

    I would love an issue on one of the kingdoms of Central and East Asia in Greco-Roman times:
    - Greco-Bactrian Kingdom
    - Greco-Indian Kingdom
    - Kushan Empire
    - Han Dynasty China

  • Steffen

    What I would like to see:

    -Germanic Succession States in the former Western Roman Empire
    -Post-Roman Britain in the 5th Century
    -The Huns
    -Empire Divided - Palmyra and the Gallic Empire in the late 3rd Century
    -Germanicus' Campaign in Germania
    -The Medes and pre-Archaemenid Persia

  • Bill Gatlin

    I have been a subscriber for only a couple of years, and this is a superb magazine. I enjoy the artwork very much too.
    Personally, I’d like to see more articles on Greek warfare, especially of the Grecian-Persian Wars, Thermopylae especially, and the Punic Wars.
    Thank you, for allowing me to tender my intake, and keep up the exceptional work!

    Bill Gatlin

  • Frank

    Recent subscriber, so you may have done these...
    -Article on naphtha, caltrops, or other once-common-now-defunct tools of the ancient world
    -Effectiveness of the Great Wall (American politics aside, but it might draw interest)
    -Deliberate destruction/poisoning of food or water stores in sieges, ancient methods of bio warfare
    -Arab conquests, maybe pick a battle, highlight early Mideast expansion during the time of Muhammad
    -Early Egyptian organization, kingdoms, methods of warfare

  • David

    I'd love to see some topics discussed such as
    Tribal warfare. War outside the empire.
    General warfare. What makes an effective general stand out.

  • William Lunceford
    William Lunceford November 7, 2019 at 12:11 am

    I would like to some articles about the empire of Lydia, Babylon, the Medes and Persians.
    Thank you for these publications. I really enjoy them.

  • Brian Van De Walker
    Brian Van De Walker November 7, 2019 at 12:36 am

    Noo, not Asia, I would have to buy the issue then.

  • Brian Van De Walker
    Brian Van De Walker November 7, 2019 at 12:44 am

    How about the Han Dynasty invasion of Go era Korea, or Chinese expansion at the time of Rome, at one time didn't the two Empires only have a bit of Parthia in the way of each other?

  • David Smith

    How about an issues themed around the difficulties of campaigning in the ancient world?

  • TK


    thanks for another great and strog volume of AW magazine. I´m really grateful for the current issue, which was one of my suggestions for this volume :) I´m looking forward to reading nex ones, especially the issue about Hellenistic Asia Minor. I´m also really looking forward to start of Volume XIV - Claudius at War.

    Now to the topic, here are my suggestions for other issues:

    Hellenistic Era: Maccabean Revolt 167–160 BC (including Battle of Battle of Beth Zechariah)
    Republican Rome: Campaigns of Lucullus (including Battle of Tigranocerta)
    Non-Greco/Roman: Rise of Neo-Babylonian Empire
    Classical Greece: Greco-Punic Wars in Sicily

    Thanks in advance for all issues of AW volume XIV.


  • Michael Andersson
    Michael Andersson November 7, 2019 at 4:48 pm

    First off, thank you for a brilliant magazine!

    I'd like to see more about
    - the development of the legion - especially interested in the late roman legion
    - cavalry in the roman army
    - parthian and sassanid armies and tactics
    - and of course new perspectives on the Notitia are always fascinating!

  • Dustin Larsen

    I'd love an issue on one of the kingdoms of central or east Asia during Greco-Roman times:
    - Greco-Bactrian kingdom
    - Greco-Indian kingdom
    - Kushan empire
    - Han dynasty China

  • Pavel Vaverka

    That's perfect content, I agree!

  • Murray Fish

    New subscriber here.

    I'd like to see more articles on C3rd AD Rome though that looks to be catered for in the next issue.

    Great magazine!

  • Adrian Knighton

    I would like to see:-
    Differences between the early Roman army and late Roman army.
    Sub Roman Britain and Gaul.
    Hadrian's Wall and the Antonine Wall.
    Frontier on the Rhine.
    Batavian revolt.
    Goths, Germans, Huns etc.
    Warfare in Homer's time.
    Greece and Rome at war.
    Keep up the good work.

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