Turning defeat into victory

Inspired by the new 'Dunkirk' film, the Ancient Warfare podcast crew discuss ancient examples of turning defeats into victory. It became a wide-ranging discussion, both on the beaten-path and far outside it. Memorable? Have a listen and decide for yourself. If not, we'll discuss Caesar and Pompey in september.

3 thoughts on “Turning defeat into victory”

  • Peter

    Dunkirk is a victory only for the British, forced of the continent and France (the main army of the alliance vs Germnay at the time) defeated...

  • Michael Park

    Haven't had time to listen to the podcast as yet but I can say that 'Dunkirk' is probably the best "war film" since the still excellent 'Battle for Britain' of 1969. In fact, after having seen the former at the theatre, I came home and instructed genius IT son to promptly torrent the latter so I could see the "sequel"! Still love Olivier's line (as Dowding) when the Yanks question the numbers of downed aircraft claimed by Britain and Germany: "If I'm right, we survive. If not, they'll be in Whitehall by the end of the week".

    I can imagine there are several ancient battles that would qualify.

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