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We want your questions!

Jasper and I have been answering questions from patrons, readers and anyone who has an ancient warfare based question. Our format to answer these has been short, 10-minute podcasts called Ancient Warfare Answers. If you have a burning ancient warfare question, please let us know, and Jasper and I will do our best to answer it and give you a shout out! - email us at

5 thoughts on “We want your questions!”

  • José M. Ciordia

    There is a mistake in the email: not AWA@…, but AWF@… Is not it?

  • José M. Ciordia

    But "" didn't work for me (twice). Automatic answer from the server: "550 No Such User Here". (You can remove my comments, of course).

  • Steve switzer


    Listening to history of Byzantium podcast and interview with Tom Holland
    On subject ‘why did the Arabs win throughout the C7
    His answer was to regard the Byzantine forces as like the french returning to Vietnam in 45
    An imperial power without its sheen of superior power thanks to defeats by the Sassanids
    Was yarmuk withallied Arabs fighting like the french union forces the dien Ben phu of
    The Byzantine empire

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