Converting Algoryn

I love playing with plastics and seeing what conversions I can come up with. So when the new plastic Algoryn for Beyond the Gates of Antares came out, I just had to have a ‘play’. The Algoryn sprues come with a good selection of weapon options and some great conversion possibilities.

Standard Algoryn and a downed pilot.

The arms didn’t give me much room for conversion. They are mostly holding guns - which is perfectly fine as that’s what I wanted. I was tempted to scratch around for replacement hands or equipment (maybe stick in a Tau scanner) but decided to stick to converting what was ‘in the box’ rather than add new components. The legs, however, are very dynamic on the models with some very astride poses. The first thing I wanted to do was to see if I could convert these legs into different poses.

Cutting thighs and repositioning knees.

I started by cutting and swapping around the left knees to make these poses tighter. In the process of conversion, I also had to cut off the feet to make them fit properly at the new angle of the knee. They had to be shaved a little bit so that they would fit correctly when the knee was rejoined. The second conversion I tried was cutting the legs at the hips and swapping them around.

New leg poses created by swapping parts.

The end results for me were very satisfying. I had created a series of different leg poses, including one dynamic ‘standing on a piece of wreckage’ pose for a squad leader. I had some spare metal heads from the Algoryn Interceptors, so decided to make a pair of downed pilots (for use in a future scenario). The first can be seen in the first picture while the second is shown below.

Conversions with the new legs.

I was very happy with the final results. The new squad commander looks very cool, directing his squad into battle. The downed pilot with mag repeater is in a walking pose. I also have mag guns in different poses, which helps to break up the look of the squad - I like all of my squad members to be in different poses with no repeats. Now to spray these guys and get some paint on them!

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