My local Club - the Brixham Berserkers

I’ve written many a blog about my exploits and my hobbies, but not once have I really dedicated one to the people I regularly game with. I’m a member of two local groups: the South Devon Games Club (aka Beer & Bullets, which meet on Wednesdays at the Kingskerswell Village Hall), and the Brixham Berserkers (who meet every Friday at the Higher Brixham Community Centre). Of these, the Berserkers deserve to stand out as they are a fine bunch of gents who I am fortunate enough to call my friends.

Rossco, Paul, Pete and I on a trip to Crusade.

The Chairman and founder of the club is Casey Vandenberg. He was originally part of Beer & Bullets club but when he moved to Brixham commuting to Kinskerswell became impractical, so he founded a new club, the Brixham Berserkers. Casey’s always willing to go along with my next crazy topic or to drag me into one of his own. The club recently got into doing American Civil War. I was considering dipping my toes in but they had already painted all the ACW miniatures we would ever need!

American Civil War board.

I am proud of the Berserkers as they have always stood up for what is right. When the Higher Brixham Community Centre was under threat of closure, the Berserkers stepped in and helped to keep it going. They helped set up a new committee and to turn the fortunes of the centre around.

The Berserker Viking board at PAW 2014.

They also like to do their bit to give back to the wargaming community. They have run participation games at shows and have also appeared as regular contributors in the magazine. The Berserkers also take part regularly in our “Let’s Plays”.

Pat and Paul playtesting a Zombie game.

Yes, I am proud to call myself a Brixham Berserker. If you are in the Torbay area on a Friday evening, why not pop along to the Higher Brixham Community Centre and join us? We’ll see where the next crazy adventure leads us…

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