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  • Ravenfeast

    Ravenfeast was designed by the team at LittleWarsTV as a gateway game for new players who want to try historical wargaming. Set in the Dark Ages, you'll lead a band of Viking raiders to pillage and burn your way across Saxon England with free rules, tutorials, scenarios, and videos to support the game.

    Written by: Al Halden and Keith Stine
    Full-colour perfect bound softback, 36 pages
    No ISBN
    Language: English

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  • Dacia: The Roman Wars, Volume 1

    4 Review(s)

    This book, which has been both written and beautifully illustrated by Ancient Warfare magazine's Radu Oltean, details the history of Rome's wars in Dacia. Besides spectacular illustrations, it also includes a number of maps and photographs of relevant archaeological site and finds.

    • Written by Radu Oltean
    • ISBN: 978-973-0-14786-5
    • full-color softback
    • 152 pages
    • Published by Art Historia & Karwansaray Publishers
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