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  • The Protagonists Collection

    The Protagonists of History in International Perspective book series was first conceived as a way of bringing fresh attention and perspectives to some of Europe’s most influential leaders, from the 16th century onwards. The figures profiled in these books had an indelible effect not just on the history of their own nation, but many others as well. Their lives and careers contain valuable lessons that remain significant and relevant to this day, when trying to understand the complex relationship between European powers. The books in this series are written by a team of academics and are produced to the very highest standards.

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  • Alba: General and Servant to the Crown

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    Fernando Álvarez de Toledo, Third Duke of Alba, is one of the most formidable and controversial figures of the sixteenth century. He has been depicted as a great hero, an indefatigable defender of the Catholic faith and a true buttress of the Spanish monarchy, but also as a terrifying man, the dark suppressor of the revolt in the Low Countries.
    During his long and fascinating life Alba revealed wide-ranging skills and interests. A successful soldier, he was also a distinguished courtier and an influential diplomat serving his monarchs, Charles V and Philip II, without fail. Moreover, he was a maecenas and an avid art collector. Using a variety of sources, including previously unexamined data, sixteen leading historians from eight countries present newly developed insights and offer a nuanced image of the Grand Duque. Adopting different perspectives, they shed new light on this intriguing and influential leader, thus showing that Alba continues to be deserving of study and discussion.

    "The ultimate repository of all things Alba" according to Historisch Nieuwsblad of October 2014.

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