Medieval Warfare III.6 (PDF)

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Medieval Warfare III.6 with Heroic legends in the Middle Ages

Theme: Heroic legends in the Middle Ages

  • Nils Visser, 'Historical introduction'.
  • The Source – Filippo Donvito, 'The legend of Prester John'.
  • Jean-Claude Brunner, 'Andreas Baumkircher: an Austrian giant'.
  • Kai Grundmann, 'Theoderic: the ancient warrior and his medieval legacy'.
  • Nicholas Whaley, 'The Grunwald Swords: a gift of blades that became a symbol of victory'
  • Patrick Baker, 'The death of Roland: the Battle of Roncevaux Pass'.
  • Sean McGlynn, 'William of Kensham: the real origins of Robin Hood?'.
  • Sidney Dean, 'Dux Bellorum or Comes Brittaniarum: the Arthurian legend in light of military history'.


  • The Castle – Konstantin Nossov, 'Qasr al-Heir: Mysterious heritage of the Umayyad Caliphs in the Syrian desert'.
  • Special – Elizabeth Norton, 'Buckingham's rebellion, 1483'.

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