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Login and Account

  • Do I have to register? At this point it is only necessary to register for an account for digital products, as they are accessible through the account page. Hardcopy books, magazines and subscriptions can be bought using 'Guest Checkout'. Our backend system will automatically connect renewals to existing subscriptions even without registration. There are some advantages however. Registering an account allows you to keep an address book, keep track of your newsletter subscription and allows you to keep track of your subscriptions. With an account you can also securely save your payment method. Finally, if you are a subscriber and you're logged into your account, you'll automatically get a 10% discount on paper back issues and 15% on digital back issues!
  • I cannot login, please help! If you are sure you have an account in this webstore but cannot login, you can apply for a new password here. Note that your email address is your username. If you are certain your password is correct, but you still cannot login, try deleting your browser's cookies for Alternatively, you can use your Facebook, Google Plus or Amazon login to get access to your account. If you use the same email address to register for that particular service as you did to register here, your accounts will automatically be connected.
  • Please note: unless you want to purchase digital products, you do not need an account and login is not required to checkout.


  • Which payment methods do you accept? We accept payment via PayPal and credit card (Visa, MasterCard, JB, Discover and American Express). Due to the usually high fees of international bank transfers, we only offer that option within the Euro zone. Unfortunately, cheques can no longer be accepted as they are being phased out entirely and come with disproportionally high costs to cash.
  • Can I pay in X currency? Our shop automatically switches between several, most commonly used currencies, based on the current exchange rate to Euro. Payment is always in Euro, and the conversion is performed automatically by PayPal or your credit card issuer. Because of that fact, we cannot guarantee that the amount shown by our shop is exactly what you'll be charged, since PayPal and banks use slightly different exchange rates which we have no way to predict. Any currency other than Euro should therefore be taken as a close indication only.
  • Is my information safe? Our checkout and account pages are secured with an SSL certificate issued by Comodo. Credit card payments are processed using so-called Hosted Fields on a secure server hosted by Braintree under the highest PCI DSS conditions. No credit card data is either actually processed or ever stored at
  • Is it safe to 'save' a payment method? When you save your payment method, a bit of reference code is saved on our site that allows you to make further purchases without logging into PayPal or entering your card information. It also allows us to charge your account for subscriptions if you signed up to any automatically renewing subscription products (such as the 'Premium' subscription). In no other case can or will we charge your account and no login or card information is ever stored on our server.


  • When does my subscription begin? By default subscriptions start with the first upcoming issue (see the 'Most recent issue' item on the subscription product page for the latest distributed issue). As our magazines are bi-monthly, it can take up to 8-10 weeks for your first issue to arrive. Within a short period after appearance of a new issue, subscriptions will automatically be backdated to the latest issue. That copy will then be mailed out as soon as possible.
  • How long does my subscription last? Each magazine is published six times per year. When you purchase a subscription - be it trial (3 issues) or three years - you always pay for the number of issues, not the period. This means that if we ever change the frequency or a magazine is delayed, you still get the number of editions you originally paid for.
  • How does the 'Begin with the latest issue work? Subscriptions always start with the first upcoming issue, whenever that particular issue gets back from the printer. Selecting this option adds the latest issue as an extra copy to your subscription. It becomes in effect one issue longer and begins immediately. You're not paying for administrative reasons or the privilege of changing priority, it's simply because you add an extra magazine.

Digital products

  • How do digital subscriptions work? Like hardcopy subscriptions, digital subscriptions begin with the first upcoming issue by default. Check the "Most recent issue" item on the (paper) subscription page. If you want to start with the Latest Issue, select that option during your purchase. It is normally made available during the next working day, as it requires a special procedure to be run at our office.
  • How do I get notified of new issues? We use our newsletter system to notify readers of the availability of a new issue. The notification also comes with a direct download link, so make sure you're signed up to ensure deliverability!
  • How do I get digital back issues? Once purchased, you will not be sent a PDF due to size limitations on emails. Instead, you can find download links in the 'My Downloadable Products' section (login required). Remember that these are quite a few Mb in size, so it may take some time to download them, depending on the speed of your connection.
  • The PDF is missing characters or there are other display issues. Despite the concept of the PDF as a document that is shown exactly the same on every device, that's not the case. Built-in PDF viewers, such as on tablets, are known to cause issues on occasion. If that happens, try opening the document with the Adobe Reader app for your device. It can be downloaded for free from their website or your device's app store.
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