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Medieval Warfare

1000 years of castles, knights, and swords

Medieval Warfare picks up where its sister magazine, Ancient Warfare, leaves off. Starting around 500 AD, Medieval Warfare examines the world in the Middle Ages until the early years of the Renaissance (the magazine generally leaves off in the 16th century). It is a period of diverse nations and cultures competing for dominance, and the magazine offers a range of captivating stories from the time. While popular topics such as the Crusades and the Vikings are given regular coverage, Medieval Warfare also tackles more complex and obscure topics, ranging from the Byzantine Empire to the military history of China and Japan.

Medieval Warfare magazine

  • Edited by Peter Konieczny
  • Bi-monthly
  • 60 pages, full-colour
  • Price: €19.95 for a three issue print subscription (€24.95 with digital add-on), renews automatically every six months, FREE shipping worldwide!
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Medieval Warfare aims to be the highest quality periodical in the discipline of the Middle Ages. Our articles are written by leading historians in the field, as well as younger researchers exploring overlooked topics. Each issue has a cover article that offers an in-depth examination of a particular subject, while we also have regular columnists that look at warriors, weaponry and even the portrayal of the Middle Ages in popular culture. You can find analysis of battles, pieces on logistics and strategy, and examinations of the warrior culture that was so prevalent in the medieval world. It tells the story of a time and place that is strange and fascinating to modern-day readers.

A selection of MW magazine covers


Besides its articles, Medieval Warfare brings history to life through original maps, drawings and paintings. We specially commission our artists to create accurate illustrations of medieval warriors and warfare. These works are supplemented by photographs showing contemporary art and artifacts. Many of these items are seldom published in conventional histories, and always include the unique context that only Medieval Warfare can provide.

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